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  1. | SELL ADENA & POWERLEVEL | SERVER GIRAN ADEN L2 CLASSIC NA | | LOW price Adena from farmer | INSTANT DELIVERY | SINCE 2014 | ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚| WELCOME TO ALICE STORE | ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ ¤ Check out my store on PlayerAuctions =͟͟͞͞( ✌°∀° )☛ https://store.playerauctions.com/alicewu/ ¤ My Discord: AliceWu#1416 ,OR my PA: https://store.playerauctions.com/alicewu/ (fastest support) ¤ No worries when trading with me. Why? 1. We can use middle-man service website. We always guarantee Delivery within 20 minutes after payment is successfully verified, or money-back. 2. 100% High & Good reputation: EpicNPC Verified Merchant & PlayerAuctions Legendary Seller with 1100 successful orders and 99.5% positive feedback. 3. Always cheap price because I'm not a reseller. ¤ Delivery via: Face-to-face (discuss details in private plz). After trade's done, please give feedback if you like my service. ¤ PowerLevel is coming soon! (You will just sit and leech xp starting from lv.4x. Right now I'm trying to make the fastest party and calculating exp amount and prices! Add my Discord to update news.) | CONTACT ME TO MAKE A GOOD DEAL. THANKS. | (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪
  2. Price 3.2 euro for 100kk, now have 2.3 billion in stock. Paypal gift only. Pm here ot skype: tekion4o. SOLD!
  3. Hi, im selling adena on 4game Ramona 1b = 22 USD / 19 EUR pm me
  4. Selling healer 100lv/wynn es 101 in ramona server ITEMS * +4 Eternal robe set 1800att * Apocalypse retributer +5 300att * PvP BElt * Venyr 7lvl * Tauti ring,zaken * 5slots brooch with 4lvl diamond/4lvl sapphire/4lvl pear/3lvl opsidian/3lvl opal/3lvl aquamarine/3lvl ruby/3lvl tanzanite * Lot of materials,attribute stones/crystals,some ewr and other stuff ADDITIONAL To finish 3rd part of exalted left dagger enchantment(i gave up after 70ewr)learned skill's on dual class freezing invoke and elemental's call,will give additional accounts:SOS 99lv,ISS (PRP) 101 with POM,summoner's 89,94lvl Contact info: streindz1 (skype id) i'm not selling items separately from account!
  5. https://gyazo.com/d8a861713cc227d1c5ec5db8689e9fd0
  6. Yo! WTS SIGEL EVAS TEMPLAR lvl 100 30%++ / DUAL CLASS WYNN 99+ EQ: - brooch 5 slot with ruby 2 / obsidian 3 / pearl 3 / Tanzanite 3 / diamond 3 / garnet 3 - enchanted skills - PA for 6 days - shadow retri +4 - done exalted 1,2 started exalted 3, done q for party nobl - talisman annihilation - TWO other char 85+ on ACC for Farm -> Zaken/Freya - 18k PA points + - agathion zodiac pack 15 day - rare accesorry box (7 day) x4 - 850+ raid points - belt from GAP [30 day quest] PRICE: 60€ for all Pm me on forum :]
  7. Yull Moonlight sentinel with rapid fire/shot skills 99.45% exp Tyrr titan with 99.20% Sold to l2guru.pro Seraph leather set (Top +6 and basic attribute lvl) Sold to Mirekhandlzar Helios bow +4+300 (speed fire 5 lvl SA) apo slasher +3+300 3lvl 2 (sa) Adena currently in stock : 1b sold to SellersAndFriends for more info skype : regbis3
  8. WTS Main Aeore 101 POW 16 AP / Dual Feoh 100 16 AP Main class Aeore Shillien Saint 101 with POW 16 AP: - lvl 101 60%+ XP / 80%+ SP (16 AP) - kept pow - dyes: 2x Legendary CON dye 1x Giant's CON dye - 39.500+ PA points - Talisman - Hellfire - important skills are enchanted to +10 and some other to +5 and +6 - exalted quest is on lvl 2 - replica tiara - jewelry box: 4 slotted brooch with Pearl lvl 3 / Obsidian lvl 3 / Diamond lvl 3 / Vital stone lvl 2 / Cat's Eye lvl 2 - vitality potion 4x (gives 3 slots vitality) - agathion - xp bottle (50-hours) 1540/3000 and it has 2514 xp bottles already - many stuff in the warehouse (shadow retributer +7, scroll for pvp, istina and octavis crystals/bottles etc.) Dual class Feoh Soultaker 100 16 AP: - lvl 100 (16 AP) - kept arcane power Another characters on the account: - Main Sayha's Seer lvl 85 / Dual Tyrr Titan lvl 85 has event weapon and armor - Main Sayha's Seer lvl 85 / Dual Ghost Sentinel lvl 85 has event weapon and armor (has shadow crossbow) - Main Sayha's Seer lvl 85 / Dual Wynn Elemental Master lvl 85 has event weapon and armor - Main Sayha's Seer lvl 85 / Dual Wynn Elemental Master lvl 90 has event weapon and armor - Main Doomcyer lvl 85 has event weapon and armor - Saggitarius lvl 80 has weapon and armor PM here or via skype pandusbundus
  9. selling again some items, +10 pvp light set (upper part is +12) SOLD +14 pvp bow with 3sa SOLD leave me pm if you are interested, can be adena or euro.
  10. Hello all, I am selling adena in Innova core official server. Price per bil: 9 eu Stock: Medium I accept only paypal friends & family option, please don't ask for adena first. In case you live in Greece I also accept bank transfer. Please send me a private message in forum, I normally respond very fast. In the past I made successful trades with the following people: aydeeli, SuperSale2015, Sobieski, luki133, marek29, ioakeimtar, LangGrenis ​looking for more successful trades O0
  11. Price: 5 eu/bill Skype: chester.elfqueen Trusted old seller you have nothing to afraid of Payment: I mostly use paypal, skrill or bank transfer, your call P.S Don't ask me to send you first, it's not gonna happen
  12. WTS Adena on Core EU server. Prise: 1b - 7 euros. Current stock 10b (more will be later). Pm here or skype: tekion4o.
  13. Our shop is pleased to offer you adena, donate coins, OE items, epics and more - on Lineage 2 private and official servers! Guarantees, discounts, best prices and more - all infos on site! Currently selling on: L2e-global.com x5 High Five Prices: Check on site ________________________________________________ Ramona EU.4GAME.COM Prices: Check on site _______________________________________________ L2EU.COM Lionna x7 _______________________________________________ RPG-Club.com x3 Party ________________________________________________ eu.4game.com Skelth Euro Official Classic Delivery time 5-10min! Powerleveling services avaible (only human exping) Adrenaline keys euroclassic in stock. ________________________________________________ L2Classic.club x3 Talking Island 0.5$=1kk adena Items OE C-B Grade +3-12++ and more! ________________________________________________ lineage2warpgate.com Classic x5 _______________________________________________ l2.bnb.gr interlude x8 Prices: Check on site ________________________________________________ Another servers info here Currently looking for suppliers on servers: Euro classic 4game We also looking for suppliers on any other good international lineage servers, if you have some items for sell, we will help you with it - contact us! If your server is not in our list, but its worth to trade on it (it has good online, big community, or fresh opened server with good ads), we will start some adversting campaign (pm ingame, google\facebook ads, etc.), and shortly after that you will get first orders for your items. We already have a good customer base, which is coming again and again after trying our services, so your adena or items will be sold fast and regular. We aren't taking much % comission for our services, so it wont be overprice for our customers, and you will get good money, and lot of orders. We pay you immediately after deal with customer completed, not more than 5min delay. If you need extra guarantees - we could start our business with small deals (like starting with selling little amount of your adena, then more) Paying with PayPal, good prices, fast deals - we are looking for long-time and serious partnership. Payment methods avaible: Contacts: Col.Support 363-667-372 FB.com/CoinOfLuckSHOP CoinOfLuck.com
  14. hello, im selling 89lvl tyrr dreadnought the char is naked and w.o subs (used it for farming adena at pavels) price for this 10euro. for more infos pm me here on forum to give you my skype, thx.
  15. wts iss hierophant 101 lvl NAKED core innova dual 86 lvl summoner sub 2x80 lvl Pom+10 time Sonatas+10 Time NO MYSTIC IMMUNITY 25€ SOLD
  16. What the title says,minimum level of the char can be 89 and the maximum 92, pm with your offers. Scammers you can't scam me so f*** off in advance. Thank you.
  17. as the title says im selling a bishop level 41 with 3 dyes +4 wit = +12 wit char is my own char also if needed a middle man i have trustfull seller "mini" that can do it for me. open to negociations, asking 40 euros gears or adena.
  18. Hey Guys, like the title says. - WTB Tauti Axe 2-Handed on Core Server Payment = Paypal Skype Name: R4yM4n or contact in Forum
  19. I have some characters at Core Innova which i would like to sell. - Tyrr/Siegiel(sub) 101/100 lvl not geared (Exalted, 16 AP, all skills +10, 4 lvl Ruby, Shiny Shirt +6 others bonuses) + some boxes wynn - Iss Hierophant 99 lvl 50%+ - Iss Hierophant 100 lvl 50%+ - Wynn Spectral/Yull 99/99 - Eviscerator/Tyrr GK 100/100 lvl Light Elegia/Hellfire, AP 16/13, Ruby/Opal lvl 3 SOLD - Yull/Wynn 101/100 (Exalted, 16 AP, skills +10, shirt +7, 3rd skills left) + on same account Sahya's Seer/Iss Hieropant 99/99 + box wynn Also have some boxes like 4x Iss 86-89 10x Wynns 86-89 1x Shilen Templar 97+ with SoS 99 Othel Paying in advance. Paypal or Banktransfer only Leave me a PM and a will get e-mail notification
  20. THE CHARACTER HAS BEEN SOLD. Character is from first owner on Innova Core server: Iss Sword Muse main lvl 100 / Aeore Eva's Saint dual lvl 87 the character is naked but has the starter Immortal Heavy armor 16 AP 18.000+ PA points 15 vitality potions (8 what gives 3 slots, 6 what gives 1 slot and 1 vitality maintaning potion) agathion - xp bottle (50 hours) 2160/3000 replica tiara noblesse tiara only songs are enchanted for +2 times shadow dualsword / shadow retributer requiem dualsword with 1 sa and 150 attribute istina bracelet CON some other stuff in wh (Daily coins, CP/HP/MP potions, Bottle of Istina Soul, Istina/Octavis Crystals, Energy of destruction so on) Another characters on the account: Eviscerator main lvl 85 (Immortal Light Armor + Requiem Fighter) Sayha's Seer main lvl 85 / Tyrr Titan dual lvl 85 (Immortal Heavy Armor + Requiem Slasher) Not awaken characters (all ertheia): 60 and 73 Price: 50 euro Paying via Paypal For my skype you can ask in private message
  21. Everything has been sold! WTS the following items on Innova Core server for euro or adena +6 blessed eternal robe set recovery type 3x120 SOLD +4 blessed apocalypse retributer acumen/empower 300 water attribute SOLD +4 apocalypse caster buster body/hp acumen 300 wing attribute SOLD outlaw talisman SOLD +4 beleth's ring SOLD +4 orfen's soul earring SOLD 1044 gemstone r-grade SOLD +4 special resistance earring - stun SOLD +4 special resistance ring - dark SOLD +4 special magic ornament eternal belt - pvp defense SOLD +3 pirate's eyepatch CON with cat ear apperance SOLD PM me here with your offer / question.
  22. Adena for sell: HAS BEEN SOLD. Items for sell: +6 blessed eternal robe set recovery type 3x120 HAS BEEN SOLD +6 specter dualsword body 300 HAS BEENSOLD +4 seraph heavy set attack type 3x120 HAS BEEN SOLD !!HOT!! Accounts for sell: Main healer 100 / Dual Iss 99 HAS BEEN SOLD Main iss 100 / Dual healer 87 for more info click here: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/201788-wts-iss-100-16-ap-on-core HAS BEEN SOLD
  23. MAIN: feoh lvl 100 – almost all skills +10 DUAL - Archer lvl 102, skills +10, offensive skills +13-14 - weapons with augu for oly - brooch with 5 slot - shirt +10 - ruby lvl 4 - saphire lvl 4 - opal lvl 4 - emerald lvl 4 - diamond lvl 4 - pearl lvl 4 - obsidian lvl 4 - aqua lvl 4 - tanzanite lvl 4 dye +5 on sub and main a lot of love potions + epic nickname talisman M crit dmg and p crit dmg pm me on mxc :)
  24. WTS ACCOUNTS IN L2 CLASSIC EU - SKELTH SERVER ACCOUNTS: Bishop (Lvl 54+) - Full Set Blue Wolf Robe + Sword of Valhalla + Doom Shield + Full Avadon Robe Set + C jewlery + +12WIT -15MEN tatoos Prophet (Lvl 56+) - All Skills Learned (included DW and Haste) - Divine Set and Full Plate Helmet + Avadon Shield + C jewlery + SB G. Shield and Might in WH (needed at lvl58) Silver Ranger (Lvl 54+) - Full Plated Leather Set and +3 Eminence Bow + C jewlery All the accounts have 40+ days of subscription FOR MORE INFO ADD ME IN SKYPE -> l2euaccounts
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