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Found 11 results

  1. Hello all, I am selling adena in Innova core official server. Price per bil: 9 eu Stock: Medium I accept only paypal friends & family option, please don't ask for adena first. In case you live in Greece I also accept bank transfer. Please send me a private message in forum, I normally respond very fast. In the past I made successful trades with the following people: aydeeli, SuperSale2015, Sobieski, luki133, marek29, ioakeimtar, LangGrenis ​looking for more successful trades O0
  2. Hello, selling Cheap Riot Points Trusted & Safe INBOX MORE INFO! Many costumers bought from here you can check my previus topics Payment : Paysafe Payment : Paypal Verified http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/197687-sell-cheap-riot-points-east-region/ http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/195796-sell-cheap-rpriot-points-on-eune-server/ April Sales
  3. L2 IMMORTALS Pay via PayPal. Contact by forum, skype. VESPER NOBLE ROBE SET (FOUNDATION) +20 FULL ATR 10 € (euro) ELEGIA ROBE SET +16 FULL ATR 5 € (euro) MARDIAL FAN+17 300 wind 5 € (euro) Baium +16 3 € (euro) Blessed Freya +16 3 € (euro) Valakas +16 3 € (euro) Beleth +16 3 € (euro) Antharas +16 3 € (euro) Blessed Zaken +16 3 € (euro) price is negotiable
  4. L2 IMMORTALS Cardinal = 15 € (EURO) Pay via PayPal. Contact by forum, skype. price is negotiable PASSIVE: Magic Robe +30 Magic Defense Wisdom +15 power (Mental Attack) Health +15 Power (Bleed) Anti Magic +30 Power Boost Mana +15 Power Fast Spell Casting +30 Power Fast Mana Recovery +15 Power Divine Lore +15 Power ACTIVE: Body of Avatar +15 Cost Erase +30 Cost Mana Burn +30 Power Mana Storm +10 Power Major Heal +17 Power Major Group Heal +30 Power Greater Battle Heal +30 Power Restore Life +15 Power Benediction +15 Bravery Divine Power +15 Power Sleep +30 cost Mass Block Shield +15 Chance Mass Block Wind Walk +15 Chance Trance + 30 Chance Magical BackFire +30 Chance Arcane Wisdom +15 Items: Archangel Sword 300 fire,water, holy, dark, wind -Active: Promience Augumentation -Active: Hydro Blast Augumentation -Active: Solar Flare Augumentation -Active: Shadow Flare Augumentation -Active: Hurriance Augumentation -Passive Reflect Dynasty Mace - Active: Reflect 21,500 FAME
  5. Hello, Developers of maxcheaters. I would like to ask if someone can make me a code for crystal scrolls enchant for L2JFrozen. I mean when i make the enchantment (for example i have a weapon +16 and im going to enchant it to +17 but it fails then i want the enchantment to stay +16 and not to go +0 or something...) Is it someway easy to make me something like this? if yes i would be gracefull ^^ Thank you.
  6. League of Legends Referral Service (2.0) Click on images to make your order! Or the "BUY NOW" below for different amount! NEW SERVICE!!! Your acc have reach 200-250 Referrals (max raferrals you should have at your acc to avoid ban) but you are out of RP's?! No problem! We have the solution to give you more RP's with out risking your acc getting banned!! Tested and working 100%!!! More infos at my skype! Items you can buy! System RAF 2.0 (5 lvl) 1. 5 referrals = 1€ - You receive Influence Points : 1250 2. 10 referrals = 1.5€ - You receive Influence Points : 2500 3. 25 referrals = 3€ - You receive Influence Points : 6250 4. 50 referrals = 5.5€ - You receive Influence Points : 12500 5. 100 referrals = 11€ - You receive Influence Points : 25000 6. 150 referrals = 15.50€ - You receive Influence Points : 37500 System RAF 2.0 (10 lvl) 1. 6 referrals = 2€ - You receive 3750 IP, Rune page, Recruiter Forum Badge, Recruiter Forum Title 2. 10 referrals = 3€ - You receive 975 RP, 5000 IP, Rune page, Recruiter Forum Badge, Recruiter Forum Title 3. 25 referrals = 7.5€ - You receive 975 RP, 8750 IP, Rune page, Grey Warwick Skin\Hero 4. 50 referrals = 15€ - You receive 2975 RP, 15000 IP, Rune page, Grey Warwick Skin\Hero, Medieval Twitch Skin\Hero 5. 75 referrals = 22.50€ - You receive 6975 RP, 18750 IP, Rune page, Grey Warwick Skin\Hero, Medieval Twitch Skin\Hero 5. 100 referrals = 30€ - You receive 16975 RP, 27500 IP, Rune page, Grey Warwick Skin\Hero, Medieval Twitch Skin\Hero 6. 150 referrals = 40€ - You receive 21975 RP, 40000 IP, Rune page, Grey Warwick Skin\Hero, Medieval Twitch Skin\Hero *Paysafecard Payments have a small fee of +5% Skype : FEEDBACKS
  7. Want to sell Antharas Valakas Baium Orfen Core Zaken Tezza Queen Ant Archangel Sword Jade Claw Lava Saw Mamba Edge Claw of Destruction+6 Found Moirai heavy set +9+10+8+9 full attribute Vorpal Robe set +8+7+9+8+8 full attribute Vorpal Light Set +6 full attribute Shirts, Belts, Cloaks, Enchants, Attribute crystals and more.... CHEAP!!!!!!! Pm for more items Add me for proof 100% REAL CAN LINK ITEMS skype: tomas.mars15
  8. Hi, I'm a Diamond 2 Spanish player and I offer to you my services at cheaper price than professional boosters, I've aready done many boostings before but I got only feedback in another spanish forums so if you are not from there I cant give you any feedback from now untill I dont start boosting here. Given the fact that i'm not a professional booster or something like that my prices are flexible and we can discuss it via Skype, but for sure it will be cheaper than mostly boosters you'll find(they will be faster and more eficient, for sure, but i'm also fast, I'm your personal shopper while they are your supermarket). Also can give you tips and coaching while I'm playing with your account, I like to keep in touch with my buyers so dont be afraid to ask. I wont answer any message of your friends or buy anything with your account without your permission. I boost any account from Bronce V to Gold V, I can also boost from Gold V to Platinum V without any problems but i'll be require a bit more time, so it will be a bit more expensive, but we can negotiate. My win ratio with silver accs use to be 80-90% average time for game 25-30 mins. My bundle prices are: Full Bronze to Silver-> 25e Full Silver to Gold -> 35e Full Gold to Platinum -> 75e You can add me in Skype to talk and negotiate payment and price-> Lol Rush For faster response please SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE HERE and then add me Skype.
  9. CHECK OUR WEB : www.league4referrals.com FAQ How does it work? A number of account depending on the amount of referrals you have ordered will be created & levelled to Level 10. How fast will the accounts be levelled? Currently I'm doing over 80 Level 10 Referrals a day (and of course a patch would delay the levelling process). How fast does Riot usually update the Rewards? Usually it takes about 24-48 hours, sometimes 72 hours. Can I get the accounts when they are finished? No. Can I get a refund on these referrals? Because of the nature of referrals I can not give you a refund.
  10. Hi all. My friend is selling Elo-boost services. Main Lane : ADC. S3 Tier : Diamond 2 EUW Pm me for proofs. Prices Per Tier: Bronze Divisions: 7euro each Silver Divisions: 12euro each Gold division: 22 euro each Division boosting means: Gain 100LP + 3 Promotion games ->For example From Bronze V To Bronze IV You can also get boosted only in promotion games. Prices Per Promotion: Division Promotion (3 Games): Bronze: 2 euro Silver: 4 Euro Gold : 8 euro Tier Promotion (5 Games): Bronze to Silver Promotion Series: 6 Euro Silver To Gold Promotion Series: 10 Euro (IF WE LOSE PROMOTION SERIES WE WILL TRY AGAIN AND AGAIN UNTIL WE SUCCESS IT) Rules: No refunds. You have to change your account after boosting. You are not allowed to play ranked games while we are boosting. If you dont want to give us your account,we can boost you with duo games. (It will cost more) If you want to play a game (Not Ranked) you have to inform us. You need to have at least 5 adc champions. If you have IP we may spend some to buy some champions which will help our boosting. You need to have at least 2-3 run pages. We may not sell boost to members that we judge that they are not trusted. You have to pay the half before we start boosting. Cotact Us: You can pm me here in MxC. My Skype: Dimitris.Stalone Main Booster Skype : l0lokop Payment Via: Paypal/PayS@face Card PS:I am not the person who will boost...
  11. Hello. Because of a discussion I had today, I'd really like to see what's the member considered as the most trusted around on MaxCheaters. The guys I added are the ones that in my opinion are the most active in the markeplace of MxC. If you have anyone else in your mind let me know. Also, it would be nice if you could let some feedback in case you had deals with someone. This topic would help people know who're really trusted in forum and avoid getting scammed. Let's see. :) Below I will leave a few words about those guys. magaki13 Member since 2007, started many successful projects that included money (PixFreaks, Riot Points Seller, PSC2Paypal Exchanger, etc). 0 valid scam reports, ex-staffer. Zake, Psych_O, Cosworth Those guys are mostly known in the exchanging field. Zake was ex-staffer as well. Noble One of the most trusted guys here in my opinion. Veteran member that was Global Moderator in the past and recently too. He's mainly in the LoL marketplace. Matthew He's in the LoL market as well, as far as I know he has mostly positive feedback. Phantasmo Really nice guy, I know him personally. We had many deals as well. He's in the LoL, L2 and General marketplace as well with many positive reviews. *Those profiles were written according to what I know about the rest. Also, I know it's not a poll that will be 100% accurate, but let's see. :)
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