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  1. Definitely interesting project. I think people may be a bit too cautious to really attract to it, but I think even the experience like this is very valuable. Either way, best of luck to you!
  2. Asterios has real 15k+ online at rush hours. I mean yeah, it's Russian server, but it's usually the first one I mention when someone says L2 is RIP. Also I agree with folks that the "oldschool" servers have very little chance of success these days, unless very heavily advertised... The future of EU servers lies in Classic and Bloody Classic servers. It's only a matter of time until both server owners and players jump on the Classic hype wagon.
  3. The general rule is that the features don't really matter, it's the advertisement and especially name that counts. If you want people, try to buy out some dead project with decent followers on social media (and preferably a long user mail list) and build on that. The thing is, it's very hard to impress L2 players these days. Things like "non-influental donations" and "supported even with less than 100 online" were burned out already because it's a phrase that virtually every server owner promises. If you want to catch players' attention, it needs to be something jaw-dropping. Also if there's anything that I'd consider as for having a potential, is a server based on Classic chronicle. If you want a midrate, fine, but make it a Classic. Even a basic Java Classic will attract MUCH more people than a perfect H5/Interlude files. The thing with Classic chronicle is that combines best of both worlds - the oldschool content of C6 and functionality of H5, just both better. People who try Classic usually don't come back to the older chronicles. Sure there're still some people who play them, but their community is shrinking as more and more people try the Classic.
  4. You mean l2classic.club? That l2classic.club that has been online for over 3 years and has another patch on its way soon? Not sure what you're up to, l2classic.club is a definition of successful server. Anyway good luck @MMOWAY, it's great to see Bloody Classic server coming up, big potential.
  5. Some PvP movie by @Poseidon. Zaken patch coming soon!
  6. Fuuuuuuuuuuck I knew they're going to screw it up somehow... There's still chance they're going to remove this bullsh*ttery for western version tho
  7. Feed us more info pls... Also is there any update on when is bloodki coming for us white subhumans? I'm very much interesinko in this
  8. what the fuuuu :D That guy sliding the packages as if it was some ski slope in Alps :D I'll probably think twice before ordering electronics from Aliexpress next time tho
  9. Event started! https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/20290-event-lost-pirates-map/
  10. Can recommend, there're not many Gracia Final servers out there right now, so if you want to try one this is probably the best choice at the moment.