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  1. Feed us more info pls... Also is there any update on when is bloodki coming for us white subhumans? I'm very much interesinko in this
  2. what the fuuuu :D That guy sliding the packages as if it was some ski slope in Alps :D I'll probably think twice before ordering electronics from Aliexpress next time tho
  3. Event started! https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/20290-event-lost-pirates-map/
  4. Can recommend, there're not many Gracia Final servers out there right now, so if you want to try one this is probably the best choice at the moment.
  5. Double exp weekend - perfect time to get 20+ before next event, which should (theoretically) come next week.
  6. Ever dreamed of a server where you could login without paying for VIP, because all slots are occupied by bots, boxes and afk fishers? Well here it is.
  7. ^lol, they don't even bother with a decent photoshop like averia, just some random sexual theme and go play our server pls
  8. Just for the record I was against the averia's trash advertising as well. Of course you see these kind of ads on the other sites as well, but it means that site is trash. Have you ever see the boob flashing ads on a serious site before?
  9. Shit, it's back. Doctors should download this pic to study literal recurrent cancer.
  10. ...And it's gone. Not sure if it just expired, but the sideline ad is still on so... Thanks based @Maxtor
  11. So, NCwest is opening a new Classic server... Some people over there are hyped that some countries - including Russia - will be blocked, and thus there'll be much less botting. Is it really the case tho? Is that restriction any hard to bypass? I see a lot of RMTraders selling adena on the current NCwest servers and my spider sense is telling me that not all that is honestly farmed...