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  1. [L2Off] L2Classic

    ^what he said... By the way - after many failed attempts, the first Baium on the server has been defeated by WickedSick ally!
  2. [L2Off] L2Classic

    The Christmas event is still up, will be running till January 8th. Still enough time to farm up easily :P
  3. Images randomly don't load

    I just tried with 3 images and they don't work. Still broken.
  4. [L2Off] L2Classic

    For those who are curious about sides on Classic Club, JerrySM made an effort into making this simple graph explaining the politics on L2classic.club in a nutshell: http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/17861-update-info-before-2nd-baium/
  5. http://l2classic.club Largest European Classic server, Christmas event started 11.12.

  6. EN Where is my jewels

  7. Uchylko is a troll but this this he's right. I've never really cared much for P2W tbh - you know like on some tales-oid PvP server where people could buy Vesper sets or something, maybe a bit ++, didn't bother me at all, I'd get it eventually as well by farming. That's why I wasn't afraid of starting the offi this year... But soon you realize the P2W is something you've never experiences before. While the L2Store doesn't look that bad, once you start playing you find out that everything revolves around cash there. It's not really as P2W as it's literally pay to play, because without buying things on L2Store or buying adena directly from resellers, you make basically zero progress. NCsoft keeps nerfing farming spots in order to fight the bots, but it got into a point that you'd really have to spend XY hours a day getting a reasonable equip there. It's really pointless when you figure out you can buy a decent equip for under 50$ from adena resellers, as opposed to having farm for several months in those incredibly nerfed farm spots for peasants. If you want to try a new chronicle, I'd suggest e.g. a Gamecoast - the server has opened about a month ago and even though I don't know details on their shop, it can't be worse than on offi. Or, if you're looking for something 'simply different', then I'd suggest PlayINERA - it's one of the best customized server ever, definitely a high quality.
  8. Xbox1 Or Ps4?

    The 'PS4 exclusives' or 'Xbox exclusives' is a circlejerk, there aren't enough of them to make it a relevant argument. Right now if I had to choose a console I'd go for Xbox One X because for the first time in history it actually does have more powerful hardware than equivalent PC, but I still wouldn't want to pay for a machine I can only play games on if I also have to pay for a machine to work on... That being said, at the very moment someone figures a way to get a stable Windows on Xbox One X, I'm grabbing it :D
  9. [L2Off] L2Classic

    Alright folks the feast is upon us: THE CHRISTMAS EVENT HAS STARTED http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/17816-christmas-event-spree/ And unlike previous events, this one includes improved scrolls and cloaks as potential reward, which means the price for the event items is going to skyrocket this season. And because you can start collecting the items already on level 20, you can get fabulously rich by actively farming this Christmas. If you haven't started yet, don't worry - you can quite easily reach level 20 within a day or two. Also don't hesitate to mail "KNOfortune ingame for a special bonus of 250k adena for start. Also just for the record this is how Party Matching looked this weekend (before the event collection has even started):
  10. [L2Off] L2Classic

    Ah mb then :P no prob just hit me up ingame at "KNOfortune :)
  11. EN aVVe Dumbass

    Kinda sad with how aVVe behaves lately... His work is outstanding but his manners are poor.
  12. [L2Off] L2Classic

    Hi :D If you want the starter bonus, drop me a mail at "KNOfortune please so I don't send it to a wrong person :)
  13. [L2Off] L2Classic

    Almost 5kk send so far, don't hesitate to claim your starter bonus :)
  14. Hello people

    Welcome and gl with sales :)