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  1. Ever dreamed of a server where you could login without paying for VIP, because all slots are occupied by bots, boxes and afk fishers? Well here it is.
  2. ^lol, they don't even bother with a decent photoshop like averia, just some random sexual theme and go play our server pls
  3. Just for the record I was against the averia's trash advertising as well. Of course you see these kind of ads on the other sites as well, but it means that site is trash. Have you ever see the boob flashing ads on a serious site before?
  4. Shit, it's back. Doctors should download this pic to study literal recurrent cancer.
  5. ...And it's gone. Not sure if it just expired, but the sideline ad is still on so... Thanks based @Maxtor
  6. So, NCwest is opening a new Classic server... Some people over there are hyped that some countries - including Russia - will be blocked, and thus there'll be much less botting. Is it really the case tho? Is that restriction any hard to bypass? I see a lot of RMTraders selling adena on the current NCwest servers and my spider sense is telling me that not all that is honestly farmed...
  7. Good luck with the serv, glad to see the Classic midrates popping up, Classic is the future of the midrate server :)
  8. Well at least that coma-inducing cringy 'you thirty' ad is gone now, thanks @Maxtor
  9. Sure he can w/e he likes, but if he likes people coming to his forum he should stop treating it as a garbage can.
  10. @Maxtor Seriously man, this is getting absolutely ridiculous... Money isn't everything, this shit is seriously going to kill the site because people won't bother coming here with these pathetic ads.
  11. I honestly would mind that less than MXC turning into a trashy porn-ish site. I get that money is needed, but this is pure cancer. @Maxtor please don't accept these trash sex-selling ads. People will eventually stop coming to this site because of this shit.
  12. lmao, when your server is shit but thots are cheap :D But for real though, kinda makes you wonder where is that breaking point where you start thinking to yourself 'well damn maybe we're getting too pathetic?"
  13. True that... But much more importantly the patch 2.5, which should arrive in upcoming months. Can't blame the admins for polishing it before release though.
  14. The "less than 4 lines is a bit restrictive", you often need those 4 lines to make it rhyme, like the roses and violets thing: Roses are red, Violets are blue, da da daa da da duu (not participating since I'm already VIP, I have to give you peasants a chance)