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  1. Sorry but this kind of hijacking is low as f***. Momma always used to say, if you have nothing nice to say, better not say anything. @SkyLord gl with the server.
  2. ? I don't speak Spartan
  3. It's mostly the failed politics of the servers than chronicle itself. NCwest had real 12k+ at its beginning before they started bending players over. If they weren't greedy they'd still have those, but when they introduce in L2store virtually RB jewels on steroids (-40% MP consumption, lel), it's hard to keep playing there. Right now the best Classic server to play is the Club which is decently populated but the updates take just way too long People want the Classic, just nobody offered the 100% solution yet. Because let's be honest, Classic is basically a combination of the best of the old chronicles in new UI, it's obvious that it's the future. Sooner or later even Stalonki will realize.
  4. So you're saying people play classic only to farm? Because it's probably the most popular client right now and most people enjoy it.
  5. Looks fine, guess it will be as good as Interlude midrate can be, but tbh kinda expected Stalonki to jump on the Classic hype train already...
  6. Beautiful for custom cloaks imo... Just not a huge fan of the deep purple/black/red ones, they look too flashy imo.
  7. I agree, it's not just that it's painful to watch at and causes eye strain, there're people who have epilepsy and could have an epileptic seizure from this kind stuff... Please come up with something less dangerous. Also when it comes to drawing attention, seeing an ad like this just makes me more likely to click on the L2 remastered ad down below because it's just much more elegant.
  8. Definitely interesting project. I think people may be a bit too cautious to really attract to it, but I think even the experience like this is very valuable. Either way, best of luck to you!
  9. Asterios has real 15k+ online at rush hours. I mean yeah, it's Russian server, but it's usually the first one I mention when someone says L2 is RIP. Also I agree with folks that the "oldschool" servers have very little chance of success these days, unless very heavily advertised... The future of EU servers lies in Classic and Bloody Classic servers. It's only a matter of time until both server owners and players jump on the Classic hype wagon.