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  1. Oh nevermind me just taking a picture of those boats in the background, less than 27 hours after server restart
  2. Still online btw. Great server.
  3. Classic definitely has a potential, but another lowrate? Cmooon maaan :/ The players are screaming for a PvP classic server, but admins keep coming with lowrates, but everyone who's willing to spend 5 hours a day to get 1% is already playing on some other classic lowrate, either EU offic, RU offic, classic.club or whatever. I mean good luck with the project neverthless but I'm 100% sure you'd have infinitely more success with more midrate settings (25x rates, NPC buffers etc.)
  4. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for an honest server to stay around :)
  5. I mean even then, at the point people can easily get 400+ crit rate on their bows without buffs with the Othell's Rune it's not a big difference to a mage with CDL + own charger. And it's always easier to just pick a random folk with bow and go :) Also mages are probably the fastest exping chars in the game anyway since they're always needed in ABG AoE parties ;)
  6. I see your points there but at the end of the day they really don't hold up for the reason stated before - whether people can buy an extra window or XP scrolls is not really relevant since they're able to buy the leveled up characters and top equip already... As for the leveling up - you're absolutely right that leveling up solo is pretty hard, but to be fair most of your progress you do is through RBs parties which can be seen at /partymatching pretty much all the time... Once you reach 50 you start joining some AoEs parties which are constantly up as well, and after you reach some higher levels you get picked by some clan and you start going XPing with clan, so it's not really that much of an issue... Tanks, buffers, healers, mages, all fighters with AoE skills, they all exp mostly in AoE parties because it's fastest - the most difficult chars to play solo right now are probably archers and daggers, but even then it's not like it's impossible because you get haste/WW from pots, might/shield/magic barrier/vamp from fishing and most importantly there're Othell runes which can easily get you to 500 crit rate with bow even without focus/hunter so it's pretty crazy too :) Oh btw mages don't go to RBs on Classic at all because it's all about bows there :P
  7. Im not a developer but this sounds interesting, can anyone provide a vid of how it looks? :P
  8. tbh there probably isn't any server that you couldn't call 'P2W' since RMT is pretty everywhere - any server, whether it's offic or private, as long as people play there - there're going to be people who will sell you top level chars and ++equip for money. The G.o.D.+ chronicles on offic are not as much P2W as they're literally 'pay to play' - you can't do much progress there without buying jewel boxes or RMTing... On the other hand Classic.club is perfectly ok to play as you get to 50+ quite easily even without box and then you can find a clan where you go with parties, so it's not more 'P2W' than any other server these days :)
  9. Still PA only unfortunately :/
  10. Agreed. @Maxtor add the banned group please
  11. Congratz on the baby :) Welcome.
  12. tbh. I don't mind the look of the forums with only text smileys, but the lack of Kappa in here is insufferable.
  13. Or even better - make Kappa the only available emoticon, nothing else.
  14. Just a reminder that NPCs will be gone after Monday's restart, so make sure to turn in your event items, or use up your Rabbit transformation scrolls (if you're not saving them for giggles)