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  1. Dunno, the date feels a bit rushed, I feel like it would deserve more time to advertise and all.
  2. Well the thing is, if the loading screen is really cool then why not, but it's about being mature about implementing it. There're always two ways to do it: A) Admins force it into a patch with no other option. People who happen to not enjoy the server have to either live with it on other servers they play or manually remove it (which is not easy if you're a common user) B) Admins let it out of the patch as an extra file, so that people who enjoy the server can have this extra. Or even better, alongside with the installer, also provide an uninstaller which removes all the extra files. It shouldn't even be that hard to make. The problem is that most admins just don't even bother thinking that far. They think to themselves - "you'll play my server and you'll enjoy it, if not then f*** you". I'm sure that for many people, this behaviour is a first red flag. Ironically enough, in most cases, the less you force players to stay on the server, the more likely they actually do.
  3. Well personally I found my server (it doesn't have any custom textures btw-), I'm just speaking generally ... There's absolutely no reason to mess up with players' client textures... Nobody, ever, in the entire history of Lineage 2, has ever thought to himself "wow this custom loading screen is cool".
  4. L2 servers are not sexual relationships, it's not trashy to try many of them to find the right one. I mean what am I suppose to do, know everything about the server from the servers' description? There's tons of stuff you can only know when you actually enter the server. Why should I be punished with having my files infected with trash custom textures because admins of the server didn't enclose on server's site that he's selling RB jewels in donate shop? I actually salute Mythras' admins for giving just a system. It was a right decision.
  5. How's that a bad thing? I mean would it be better if they had tons of ugly custom textures for donate shop or what? Is having a Dusk Shield on a server an actual achievement in 2k18? Or would it be sounds from Unreal Tournament? Or the best thing of all - a custom loading screen? I actually much prefer when server has only system - I hate when servers completely f up your game files with all the custom trash so you have to reinstall it everytime you want to try a new server. Big +1 for only system file.
  6. First off, zero point in releasing a low rate Classic server - people who want to pay monthly fees are on official servers, people who don't are on Classic.club, and those who for some reason don't want to go there are on Dex or some minor projects. No opportunity there. But there's definitely plenty gold left undigged in the Classic mid rate/high rate area - so far all the mid/high Classic servers opened were basically no names - in other words, people who realized there's this opportunity, but they simply didn't have the advertising power of the big names to really make it. The whole L2 private servers scene basically waits until one of the huge servers decide to make the "classic" recyclable H5 midrate with all the GM shops/ alt+b / npc buffer etc., just with Classic files. The reason is simple - Classic is vastly superior to H5 in practically every conceivable way when it comes to servers with midrate settings - whether it's balance (it was good on H5 but it's near perfect on Classic), the ways to improve (e.g. on H5, enchanting your armor just gets you some p.def which is often negligible - on Classic, getting your set to +6 and more is vital since it opens a whole new options, which alone gives a game hundreds of hours of extra endgame time), the UI, the oldschool vibe (extremelly important on a 10+ year old game) and loads of other fixes and improvements. People are simply used to the H5 since there hasn't been a real opportunity to migrate to any 'relevant' Classic midrate. Once they do, there won't be many people coming back to the H5 since there won't be any real reason when it comes to the chronicle. But while it's obvious that Classic midrates are the future, I'm not sure if I'd really invest time into making one unless I'd have a huge advertising budget, because people first need to learn that Classic is better than H5 from a big project, as I mentioned before. If I was serious about it, I'd probably offer a collaboration with some of the big projects; also many dead projects have their social network sites with many followers, and their owners often have their players' emails - a huge advertising opportunity there, but as always it's all about the money :)
  7. ~Deleted The post with link is sticked to the top, under the original post.
  8. Fuuuuuuu... I actually started downloading like a year or two ag, but then I got interrupted with something and told me self to finish it later... Now I check the file and apparently all I downloaded was a front page with like 5 links top. Such a shame. Wayback machine is also pretty cool but unfortunately it's not 100%... Lots of links are dead and sometimes it's missing the interactive image, like with game updates - e.g. if you click on game updates -> Chronicle 5, it only shows the first page but you can't browse all the changes.
  9. Funny fact: besides being the largest European Classic project, it also has a very decent community from around the globe - especially China, Korea and South America. This means that even if you're used to play at GMT morning hours, you're still bound to enjoy some PvP. Here's a PvP vid from one of the members of chinese Wukong ally (RoyalFamily at the beginning in TOI are Korean):
  10. Can't access the shop, did you guys move the website? I'm definitely curious at least.
  11. Event still up and will be running until this Friday 11:00 AM - don't miss your chance to get a kickstart