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  1. - Currently 5th year of the server (5th anniversary this autumn) - Online is basically the same it's been for past couple of years, perhaps a bit more because Zaken patch brought back many old players (roughly 1,5-2k in primetimes, most people are 70+ so pretty good mass pvp action for important objectives) - A fairly sizeable patch released around a month ago (new skills etc.) - Devs are generally much more reactive than they used to be (there was some misbalance with the new patch... They've brought a hotfix with many rebalance changes within 2 weeks) - Still tons of bonuses for new players - There's probably going to be some sort of Easter event soon, and events are usually for players lv 20+, so if you want to make most of it, you should start soon to make lv 20 before it starts - Some random vidki from today, PvP for RB (credit to Rizos):
  2. Some quick infos about the server: Zaken patch is online. The update was successful with no major crashes like last time There's an updated newbie package - they threw in a couple of free XP/SP runes and apparently you can get a time-limited mid D gun as well, somehow (don't know much more about it but it should be possible) There's quite a few new players and many old players came back, so the average weekly online right now is likely the highest it's been for past 4 years. Christmas event is running till January 13. The rewards are not great this time but at least you get a small XP bonus if you manage to find Santa. The exping has been really accelerated since last patch via the RBs, so despite many people joining, it's somewhat difficult to find party under 60 aside from RB parties (which makes exping a bit awkward for people who'd like to play solo bish or something like that... It's still possible but quite difficult) - also now there're dozens of RBs which have a fixed respawn at 20:00 GMT+1 - you definitely want to be online during this time because it's a massive exp boost (there's usually a 'marathon' of these RBs done by a swarm of people, on higher levels there're often 100+ random people fighting the raids)
  3. Trully amazing project, Dawn-level quality. Server community is mainly czech but there're international clans as well. It's obvious they worked hard on the files because they seem to be nearly flawless. Online well over 1k last time I checked, and I expect it to grow in the upcoming days.
  4. Oh how generous of you I sent you my nick via PM, maybe there's another issue with it
  5. The new one. But I figured that since there're no member post, it's probably not supposed to work yet? I'm getting same error message right now trying to login with my old credentials.
  6. Trying to login with my old account on forum gives me Oops! We ran into some problems. A server error occurred. Please try again later. If I can't use my old forum account it's not worth playing Just kidding, glad to see Citadel back, one of few honest servers, definitely recommended. But seriously thought fix the old forum accounts.
  7. Well the solution would be reducing the quest rates for only certain quests that meddle with the gameplay, and leaving the high drop/reward rate for the less important ones... It's a pity to butcher all the quests just because of few that are problematic
  8. Yo welcome. As for the Avengers - why didn't Thanos just snap his fingers to make the universe twice as big with twice as many resources? It's going to get repopulated again. Also why did he fight all those heroes instead of turning them all into jello like the gray guy and the asian girl earlier in the movie?
  9. You should specify which classic server you're selling on, there're multiple of them.
  10. The frick they stream lel, botinko marathon? /Hmm, some streamers actually farm manually for some reason... Still can't help it, the autoplay just looks retarded
  11. Is the RU version still full botki? Or did they remove the auto-play?