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  1. Hello! We have a few european players, yes, although the grand majority of our community is from Latin American countries. Most people know basic english though :)
  2. We have been using AdvExt for years now and we are really happy with the product. Our currently biggest Live server is using these files and it is completely stable. All of the issues we may have had in the past were quickly solved and their support has been really on point lately, so I would definitely recommend it :)
  3. At what time exactly? Because that literally sounds like if you were playing on a completely different server. I mean, 1 of our servers is really that empty, but because it has been online for almost 4 years now... and most of its playerbase moved to the one we recently launched!
  4. I wouldn't say very low, although it depends on what you're comparing us with. Of course this is not an european server with 10.000 online, but we maintain a stable ~1.5k since launch and there are lots of active players!
  5. Maybe try a different browser? Some users have reported problems when using Google Chrome. If you still have trouble creating an account, contact us by private on our Facebook Page and we will help you! https://www.facebook.com/l2undergames/
  6. 1 hour left for the Grand Opening! Useful links: Account Panel: https://www.undergames.net/panel Download links: https://www.undergames.net/foro/Thread-Descargas-Cliente-Gracia-Epilogue-y-Parche-L2-Aurakyria General Information: https://www.undergames.net/AuraInfo Activity Schedule: https://www.undergames.net/foro/Thread-Cronograma-de-Actividades-Activity-Schedule Changelog: https://www.undergames.net/AuraNotes We hope to see you ingame!
  7. Character Creation is now ONLINE! This means that you will be able to create chars, reserve nicknames, and transfer web credits into Donation Coins, so you are ready and set to go for the moment of the Grand Opening, on Friday 07/13, 23:00hs (UTC). We will be waiting for you!
  8. The grand majority of our community speaks Spanish, not Portuguese =P I bet most of them can also communicate in english if needed, at least for the important issues (like flaming!)
  9. Update In exactly 24 hours from now, the ingame Character creation will be enabled in L2 Aurakyria! You will be able to create all your characters, reserve your nicknames and even transfer your credits into Donation Coins, so everyone will be ready and set for the Grand Opening! (Remember that gameplay will still be disabled until launch!) We hope to see you ingame!
  10. Good afternoon everyone! We are glad to announce that from now on, the creation of Game Accounts for L2 Aurakyria is enabled! Creating a game account is very easy: Access your UnderGames Master Account, or create one if you don't have it yet: https://www.undergames.net/panel Below, in the Servers section, choose Aurakyria. Use the Create Account button The Grand Opening is almost upon us! We remind you that you will be able to log in with your game accounts and create your ingame characters starting on Wednesday 07/11, 23:00hs (UTC), although you won't be able to play until the server officially opens on Friday 07/13, 23:00hs (UTC). We will be waiting for you!
  11. After almost a month, the L2 Aurakyria Beta Test has come to an end! We thank everyone for taking part on it, and we invite you to join us in the last stretch of this long wait for the Grand Opening! • The creation of Game Accounts will being on Monday 9th, approximately between 4 and 5 PM (UTC). • You can find all the details you want to know about our server following this link: https://www.undergames.net/AuraInfo We await for you on Friday 13th in order to become a part of this immense community!
  12. Our last server has been online for 3 years now. It is still online as we speak (you can check it out if you want!) A single time we were forced to close a server because the company that hosted it closed its doors, but now we work on our own, in order to avoid those issues =)
  13. @alexsacob Confirmed, there will be a proxy ready for European players! =) We have also set up a thread with all the General Information packed up: https://www.undergames.net/AuraInfo Only 1 week left for Launch!!
  14. Additional proxies will be available on launch, although mainly for DDoS protection. If we start receiving donations, then we might even be able to afford a larger number of proxies for connectivity reasons. (Update: Read the next post) If you have any additional questions about connectivity and latency, I suggest you to speak to us in our Discord server: www.undergames.net/discord
  15. Hello! It's hard to say considering that the creation for Game Accounts is still closed (it will start on Sunday, after the OBT ends), and the number of Master Accounts is obviously bloated because it contains accounts for all our previous servers. Also, on a side note, most clans/groups from our community prefer to hide their actual numbers until launch, in fear of being zerged by their competition if they reveal their hand too early. That said, and for reference, every time we have opened a Gracia server with a similar setup, our player number has ranged from approximately 1600 to 2200 during the first few months. Time passes and the game gets old, it's true that a portion of that playerbase no longer plays, but also this is the very first time that we're opening a Gracia server into the international community. And so far we have received several groups and CPs from Poland, Greece, Spain and the Czech Republic in our Beta Test. Long story short, we will hopefully be receiving a large number of players in our grand opening next week, many are waiting to compete and prove their worth, and we invite you to come and check it out! =)