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  1. Istary actually has over 2k online during South-American prime time. It's a South American server, a community that hardly ever stops by this forum. This thread is only for advertising to potential european players - which to be fair, we don't have many of you guys, but the invitation is always open. - There are no bots. Bots are quickly banned if they ever try. In fact, most european clans/CPs that started playing here, got banned for botting. - There are about 150 offline shops in Giran. I wouldn't suggest you to be like Doomus and keep embarassing yo
  2. One of our server's clans has released a 41-minute-long PvP Movie! Enjoy!
  3. Video: Ephemeral clan during last Sunday's sieges!
  4. Lol. You again? It's funny because you are the only one spewing hate on us, you are probably one of our local "competitors" or some butthurt botter that got banned early on. False. We had our biggest login peak in our history on Monday, with 2300 simultaneous characters playing in our prime time. False. Of dozens of clans playing, I'm only aware of 1 clan that has left. Without counting a russian clan that left because their entire clan was botting and got (big surprise) banned. RMT is allowed and has always been in our co
  5. Video: PvP in Baium, Frintezza and Hellbound!
  6. The fight has begun, as our top two contenders start clashing for the first Dungeon Bosses! Watch the latest video on Frintezza! Everyone is invited to take part in the action! :)
  7. Tell him to report them :) Also if you don't play, why are you even commenting here? I still don't know who you are and why do you keep hating on us since we posted this thread. Just go bother someone else.
  8. To anyone else - just try our server, and don't listen to this guy :) If you read the first pages on this thread, he has been just talking shit since day 1 for different reasons. 1) We range between 1500-2000 players on prime time. It goes low to 400-500 during sleep hours. Remember we are GMT -3 2) There are way more than 2 clans. 3) No bots. If you see a bot just tell us and they will be banned. We are online and checking 24/7.
  9. A lot! We peaked at over 1500 last night, but tonight it's still growing, so I'm guessing its early to tell :P We are very happy on how things turned out, despite a few clowns trying to throw DDoS attack at us. The only downside for european players is that the latin-american prime time ends up being a bit late for them, but we have a bunch of players from Europe too regardless of that :) You are all invited to join the fight!
  10. Lol, me alegro entonces que te guste! Estamos muy contentos con la apertura y esperamos que siga así! ^^
  11. No esperaba recibir comentarios en español por estos lados! Bienvenidos y mucha suerte!!
  12. I don't understand. Are you just guessing things? Because you are failing horribly at doing so. - In almost 4 years we have had 0 bot problems. We actually have a good protection system that takes care of most of them - the rest are hunted and banned by me personally. - No clans receive any kind of benefits, or coins, or runes, or anything. No matter if they are big or small. - As I said before (but I doubt you are actually reading any of my posts since you are just randomly hating on us), you don't need to donate in order to get anything from the shop. You can just get e
  13. Lol. Can I ask who are you? Because you seem to be fixated on hating on our server, hah. Be my guest then. We open in 11 hours from now! All of our servers have had 1500+ players. Here we had over 2000 game accounts (and counting) created in 48 hours. But yes, the lone random maxcheaters hater sure knows best. By all means, join tonight and see for yourself :)
  14. In 24 hours from now, Istary will finally launch, and this year's biggest latin-american clash will start! Join our community and fight for the top spot, tomorrow! - Server Info and Download Links: https://www.undergames.net/info - Account Registration: https://www.undergames.net/panel - Character creation: ONLINE! We'll be seeing you ingame! - The UnderGames Staff