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  1. i used to get dc and several OE weapons from this person and the trades went well. +1 from me
  2. We know of the problem, contacted the buyer and are going to clean it up tonight.
  3. That's fixed and the difference is covered. Apologizes for inconvenience.
  4. Du solltest schleunigst dem typen sein Geld geben bro

  5. I admit these things. At some point our shop faced issues which are, as you couldve seen in my sticked topic and other places, almost solved. That one twenty ish shortage would also be polished within 24h. That's a word. Apologizes for inconveniences made, with all of possible respects. : )
  6. There are a few working software presets which can help you automatize your gaming experience as well as bypass the single/party antiloop captcha but with how paranoid them admins are at this moment accounts you are using the aforementioned solutions on are gonna be manually extirpated sooner or later To sum it up you dont wanna use it on l2reborn at all