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  1. Have bought Dozens of keys for real! 2 min transaction very fast & trusted
  2. As title says wtb items/ EPICS on mithrilmines, pm me tnx
  3. As topic says, WTS CHAR , ITEMS on L2Classic.club! Shilien Elder 46 lvl karmian set and C jewel from luxury , SOLD also avadon set, demon set, top c jewel C seal, and 50kk adena <-- package 28 euro if u sell all this stuff should be around 85-90kk Selling stuff cause i have no time to play anymore ! PS . Keep in mind that I've been scammed before the same way so this time i m gonna use middle man services. Thanks in advance!
  4. Oliver French spelz228@gmail.com this is the paypal name and mail of this man who scammed me. skype name: l2coremore [alex] CARE HE IS A SCAMMER , NOT ONLY HE TOOK MY ITEMS HE DARES TO ASK FOR INVOICE TOO LF ANY INFO FOR THIS GUY I M WILLING TO FOLLOW HIM THROUGH LAW AND SEW HIM!
  5. As title says Warlock 76 lvl Dc Set foundation, TT set, valhala acu, Prophet 76 lvl avadon set robe a jewel common mana up weap Bladedancer 76 lvl SLS Normal, tallum/a jewels common set Shilien elder 77 lvl Blue wolf Robe set , b jewels set Swordsinger 70 lvl a common rings /armor/ weapon Silver Ranger 73 lvl naked i can sell them all in a package or seperately, reasonable prices, will work out the way u want to buy ! [25 euros all] pm here or skype dar3devil1991
  6. Wtt donated char on l2 damage, full +20 ic draco dc rb jewel tattoo of dmg, active might , empower, passive might on bow, duals and passive empower on am! for l2 classic x3
  7. WTB items on l2 ovc as the title says, i pay with paysafe pm me asap!! scammers dont try to pm me at all! add me on skype dar3devil1991
  8. adrenaline dont work there i contacted admins on official page .
  9. I ve tried tower, net , walker nothing works.. any suggestions? site is www.l2neo.com