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Found 14 results

  1. Server's Rules No offensive language towards the staff. Always respect them. NEVER beg/annoy the staff for things like items, enchants, spawns, points etc. Spam is not allowed and its up to GM's/Admin's decision to jail you or even ban you (depending on the type of the spam). You are NOT allowed to use any kind of bug(s)/exploit(s) that gives you some kind of advantage. If you found any then you have to report it at the forum ASAP. If you don't report it and you get caught using it then you can be jailed, banned or worse (not kidding). You are also responsible of reporting buggers/cheaters you found in-game. Bots, scripts and/or any other kind of external software that is used to cheat in game is 100% FORBIDDEN, you will be IP-banned & end up with all of your accounts been permanent banned (or even deleted) when caught using it. Nobody can hide forever, keep that in mind before you try something stupid. Feeding is not allowed except for recommends (/evaluate). Feeding PvP/PK/Olympiad/TvT (etc.) is not allowed and it's up to GM's/Admin's decision to jail/ban you or not. Advertising of Lineage 2 servers, Lineage 2 top-lists or websites with cheating, pornographic, racist or obscene material is NOT allowed and you will be jailed/banned on sight without warning. You are NOT allowed to use Magic Cap in sieges (castle or fortress), in Olympiad or in events like TvT/DM. You are NOT allowed to use wyvern in high populated areas such as Giran Castle Town. You are NOT allowed to move mobs/raids far away from their spawn point, thus creating chaos. You are NOT allowed to impersonate any of the staff or use nicknames like 'GMsmith', 'AdminMohamed', 'Ann0unc3ments' etc. You are obviously NOT allowed to scam or trick other players by using the party drop or any other of these lame things. You are NOT allowed to use obscene, offensive or discriminative nicknames/clan names/pet names/crests etc. The Administrator is always right. If the Administrator is wrong...refer to the previous rule. !WARNING! You should NEVER reveal your account information to anyone under any circumstances, including your friends and family. Also try not to be fooled by fake 'GMs' that are trying to steal your items (for god's shake, this is really stupid)! A real GM would never ask you for such information! because he/she does not need it in the first place! Remember: you are 100% responsible for your account(s) and we NEVER restore stolen items. Have a nice & fair game-play - 17Heroees Administrator Information 17Heroes.tk - is a free Lineage II private PvP server based on L2J emulation software. There are many custom modifications on both server & client side. General Information Full Geodata Starting level: 85 Auto-loot: ON Auto-loot Raids: OFF Buff Slots: 40 Dance/Song Slots: 35 Death Penalty Chance: 0% Auto Learn Skills: ON Occupation change popup when character reach levels 20,40,76 Subclasses without quest: ON Max subclass level: 85 Max subclasses: 3 Stat. Limits: Max Run Speed: 600 Max Physical Critical Rate: 500 Max Magical Critical Rate: 200 Max P. Attack Speed: 2800 Max Casting Speed: 4700 Max Evasion: 200 Max Clans in Ally: 5 Members required to start a clan war: 7 Character deletion after days: 1 Unstuck time: 100 sec Allow drop items: ON Dropped item deletion after: 30 min Karma drop: OFF Attackable NPCs: OFF Blue mobs drop penalties: OFF Raid curse: OFF Olympiad start time: 18:00 (GTM+2) Olympiad period: retail-like (1 month) Olympiad minimum participants: 4 Olympiad minimum teams: 3 Siege interval: 2 weeks Siege length: 120 min Siege min clan level: 6 Territory war length: 120 min Territory war min clan level: 5 Custom Modifications Farming Areas Underground Coliseum (Mega Euro Bosses) Respawn: 24 hours Euro(s): 10.000 Underground Coliseum (Adena Farm)Monster's Drops:Adena: Min/Max: 50000/20000000 Dragon Balls Area (DB Farm)Tyrannosaurus Drops: Euro(s): 1 Dragon Balls: Min/Max: 0/7, Chance: 1% Auto-EventsTvT (Red vs Blue)A team vs team event that runs every hour (at hh:00) Registration Time: 4 mins Run Time: 10 mins Min/Max Players per Team: 2/25 Min Kills Required for Reward: 3 Reward for Victorious Team: 100 Euro(s) per Player Enchant System *Screenshot Safe Enchantment - Easy Max: +350 Price: 2kkk Adena Chance: 100% Safe Enchantment - Medium Max: +400 Enchants every time: +1 Price for every time: 200 Euro(s) Chance: 100% Enchant to +400 you need to have +350 Safe Enchantment - Hard Max: +500 Enchants every time: +100 Enchant to +500 you must farm all DB Other Custom Mods: Max adena limit has been increased to 9.999.999.999 On-Screen Damage Display - Displays the damage your character inflicts or receives Currency of private shops has been changed to Euro(s) Vote System - Up Stats for 12h Anti-Bot System using CAPTCHA verification Unable to mount/dismount near castle/fort doors (experimental) Custom Currencies Euro(s) - Basicaly, server's main currency Adena Pack - A pack that contains adena (extractable by double click) Custom Commands.info - Displays some basic information about the server .config (or .settings) - Displays a menu that allows you to enable or disable various settings *Screenshot .vote - Displays information about the vote system and your total votes for the current month .goto [character name] - Teleports you to any online character (costs 10 Euro(s)) .summon - Used to summon Shenron once you have collected the reqular dragon balls Dragon Ball System: Dragon Balls The Dragon Balls can grant you one of the following wishes once you have collected all 7 of them: Enchant an item to +500 100.000 Euro(s) Donate Support our server by donating! Terms & ConditionsSubmission of a donation is a voluntary action completely unnecessary to play on this server. By submitting any type of monetary unit to our server, you agree that you are not entitled to receive anything from us. Donations help us to maintain and improve the server and for that reason a reward will be given (depending on the donation amount) as a thanks for supporting us. To donate, first you must agree to the following terms: Donations will not be refunded at any case. You will not dispute the charges incurred to your WebMoney account from your donation. You realize that this is a voluntary donation, and in being a donation you cannot demand anything in return. You understand the concept of a "donation" and "voluntary" and agree to all the aforementioned rules (see subsections a and B). A. Donation [doh-ney-shuhn] - Noun - an act or instance of presenting something as a gift, grant, or contribution. B. Voluntary [vol-uhn-ter-ee] - Adjective - done, made, brought about, etc., of one's own accord or by free choice. Lost rewards cannot be replaced, from the very second you receive your rewards they are 100% your responsibility. If you do not agree to these terms, or cannot honor this contract, you cannot send a donation! Cheating or donating without agreeing to these terms can result in the removal of your items or even in account ban. These terms can change at any time without warning. Instructions: To make a donation simply follow the steps below. Click on the WebMoney donation button (it will take you to the WebMoney page) Enter your donation amount in the "Donation amount" box at the top of the page and click on Update Total If you have a WebMoney account, enter your email/password and login. If you don't have an account you can donate by credit card after filling the form (you might need to click on "Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue" first, in some browsers). Click on "Review Donation and Continue" & follow the next steps written at WebMoney. When you complete the donation you should get a Confirmation number, make sure you save this number. Now all you have to do is send a confirmation email (read below). You will receive your items as soon as possible (usually send via mail in game). Confirmation e-mail: After donating send an e-mail to adm17heroes@gmail.com with subject "L2 Donation Confirm" and the following information: Your account name Your character's name.* Your timezone and when you are usually online in game to receive your reward. Desired name (or nickname) that will be added to the game's credits under "Supporters" (it will be added when the next patch comes out) if you don't want your name to be in the credits then we will add "Anonymous Supporter" instead. Desired reward(s) from the reward list below (please read it carefully!).* (*) Required. Reward List Note: Prices can change at any time without warning. How to connect Download the official Lineage II Gracia Final Game Client and our server's patch. Links available in the Downloads page. Once you have downloaded the client extract the zip file and start the installation by clicking on the setup.exe file. When you are asked for the setup type select "Custom" and click next. After you accept the license agreement you will be asked for the installation directory, click on "Browse.." and copy the installation path as shown in the image below. On the next screen uncheck the box "Install a Shortcut on the Desktop". You don't want that shortcut, a shortcut will be created later after you install the patch. Proceed with the installation, this might take a few minutes to complete. Once the installation completes uncheck the 2 boxes shown on the installation wizard and click on "Finish". Now it's time to execute the server's patch. You will be asked for the installation path, right click and paste the path from step 4 (this is important, make sure you enter the same path or you might end up installing the patch to an empty directory!) and click next. Finally, when you are done with the installation simply run the game by double clicking the new shortcut that just created on your desktop. Please read notice below! Note: If you have problems installing or executing the game you might need to disable your anti-virus software, the reason for that is that some anti-virus programs tend to falsely assume that some files (such as dsetup.dll, l2.exe etc) are infected. There is nothing to worry about though, the patch it's clean & safe. Note2: The patch is specially made so it does not mess up your client like most other patches out there do. Instead of using the system folder it uses its own "17Heroes" folder. This basically means that you can still play on the official server without having to install the client twice or change the system. so guys this the old version of lineage 2 the 17 heroes server. The server opens today at 20:00 GMT+2 for those who want to connect this is the site http://the17heroes.com .I posted this for those who used to play there, since they may have not seen it. Old players will definitely feel some nostalgia joining back there. I had some good memories back them playing with my uncle :D :D . I met some good people . Before server was updated into freya they had 500+ at prime times. Now since they haven't advertised the server i guess the number will be much lower, but anyway i wanted to inform you about it. Hope i'll meet some old friends once server is opened. you can also see their timer in their site. Cheers :D .
  2. Like in title says. Me need retail this file, not from share with x3 rates. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello Im Here To Share That Interlude Client Interface. Previw : Download Link : https://yadi.sk/d/blzrNUZ3osmDw Credits : iNonsense
  4. Im looking for auto vote reward code hop/topzone for Gracia Final
  5. We have for sell equipped characters. 1)SWS 78 -Nobless -tallum set -TTs set+3(unsealed) -300kk adena, Fenrir 73(top eq) -manor fruits(for MA, SC, nice prices on goddart and aden, i will give time of selling). -50e-coin(donate items). -On Main Acc Nuker 74, SE 70+, manor characters. 2)BP 78 -sub class done, sub sws 70 -TTs set(sealed) -DC set -60kk adena -koka 78, GW 65(low eq). 3)AW 78 -sub class done, sub bd 74 -TTs set(unsealed) -37kk adena -Fenrir 74(low eq) -MJ L set -Angel Slayer SA Critical Damage 150Fire -Premium rune to 04.11.2016 More information on Skype:MowMiBoze or pm here.
  6. As title says Warlock 76 lvl Dc Set foundation, TT set, valhala acu, Prophet 76 lvl avadon set robe a jewel common mana up weap Bladedancer 76 lvl SLS Normal, tallum/a jewels common set Shilien elder 77 lvl Blue wolf Robe set , b jewels set Swordsinger 70 lvl a common rings /armor/ weapon Silver Ranger 73 lvl naked i can sell them all in a package or seperately, reasonable prices, will work out the way u want to buy ! [25 euros all] pm here or skype dar3devil1991
  7. Hello guys, we decided to move and play at e-global.com x7 gracia final server. we are able to offer you high level services - pwllvl, drivers, adena selling and other. All payment can be done in parts, we can go first with trusted members. Contact here or add skype coinsbomb for further info Items : DC Robe set MJ Robe set MAJOR ARCANA SET AM + 150 + ACU AM no acu SA 13 RED Adena - 1 euro = 12kk We accepting almost all payment methods!
  8. Hello, everyone! I would like to presen new mid rate server project. Chronicle: Lineage II Gracia Final (CT2.3) WEB: http://graciafinal.net FORUM: http://graciafinal.net/forum LIVE launch date: 2015.11.27 18:00 CET Exp / Sp - x30 Party Exp / Sp - x2 Adena - x30 Drop / Spoil - x20 RaidBoss drop - x20 GrandBoss drop - x5 GrandBoss jewels drop - x1 Manor - x10 Quest Drop - x10 Quest Reward - x1 Scroll Enchant Chance - 66% Scroll Enchant Safe - +3 Scroll Enchant Max - unlimited Attribute Stone Chance - 50% Attribute Crystal Chance - 50% Augment Skill Chance Life Stone - 15% Augment Skill Chance Mid Grade Life Stone - 25% Augment Skill Chance High Grade Life Stone - 45% Augment Skill Chance Top Grade Life Stone - 60% Raidbosses respawn 6 hours +3 random Flame of Splendor Barakiel is 78 level Modified RaidBoss Drop System - 90% chance for full items Specific RaidBosses drop Forgotten Scrolls (more info here) Modified Soul Crystal Leveling System (more info here) Queen Ant - 20 hours +1 random Core - 20 hours +1 random Orfen - 20 hours +1 random Zaken - 48 hours +1 random Frintezza - 48 hours +1 random Baium - 120 hours (5 days) +1 random Antharas - 168 hours (7 days) +1 random Valakas - 216 hours (9 days) +1 random Baylor - 12 hours + 24 random NPC buffer, buffs last 2 hours Game Shop up to B grade Donate Shop Special Gatekeeper Name Change NPC Mammon traders spawned in Giran Town Gameplay is divided into 3 stages (more info here) Grand Olympiad Period - 1 week Minimum Players Required - 4 Hero Changes Every Monday 00:00 Castle Sieges evey 2 weeks Territory Wars every 2 weeks Weight Limit - x10 Voice Commands: .password .repair .cfg
  9. Hello everyone, Recently I discovered that my favourite's server files got leaked and I decided to test it on my own. I am talking about L2 Pride's files. So basically I set the server on my dedicated server and when I started the client (already patched from l2 pride), l2.exe would not open although it would seem running on the task manager. I did a research on that on the forums here and it seemed that the main problem is Windows 10 OS. On another topic about l2 with windows 10 combatibility I also found that by replacing engine.dll and nWindow.dll on the system folder may do the job (although there wasn't any decent files shared for that.) So I decided to compile some of the files of L2 Hayze (which by the way is the only playable system for me atm) with my own system and see if that works. I managed to go through splash screen and character selection but I noticed something strange on the character creation. Characters would have Hero aura attached to them. Finally when I tried to enter the world, I got this critical error message: General protection fault! History: FMallocWindows::Free <- FinishDestroyedActors <- ULevel::CleanupDestroyed <- UMasterLevel::CleanupDestroyed <- UMasterLevel::RemoveAllLevels <- UMasterLevel::AddFirstLevel <- LocalMapURL <- UGameEngine::Browse <- ClientTravel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop Which had me wonder, does this have something to do with me compiling files from 2 systems? Is it something that I am possibly missing? P.S The reason I am going through this instead of just using L2 Hayze's system is that I tried to connect to my server via l2.ini but because of their anti-bot , the system seems to bypass l2.ini for connection. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you.
  10. Dear players! I sell adena on many lineage2 servers (for example): -evoke -l2mid -rpg-club -averia -asima -lineage.ru -playdefo -tales - many more ;) Can't you find your server in the list? Write to me, I will make adena to you on every l2server;) Why me?: - I don't use any bots or 3rd programs (adena is made legaly) - fast delivery to customer - I'm trusted seller, a lot of people buys from me and contact: - PM forum - skype: theone22401 - email: theone2240@gmail.com
  11. NUEVO SERVER L2 LOW RATES Simplemente somos un grupo de personas con la idea de conseguir un servidor de Lineage 2, estable, balanceado y sobre todo sin corrupcion. Los esperamos a todos dentro, servidor serio, administrado por un staff con trayectoria. Rates: x3 XP x1.5 Party XP x3 SP x3 Adena x3 Drop x1 Quest Reward -Dual Box Permitido -Npc Buffer (Retail) -Safe Enchant +3 -Max Enchant +20 -Eventos TvT ON -Champion mobs -Bosses Epicos 100% -Hellbound ON -Gracia ON -Fortress ON -Sieges ON -Territory Wars ON -Auto Pickup OFF -Geodata ON -DONACIONES OFF -0 CORRUPCION Cliente L2 Gracia Final en Castellano Los Esperamos, hagamos de esta comunidad, nuestra comunidad. Atte: Staff l2 EpicLow http://facebook.com/l2epiclow http://l2epiclow.tk/
  12. Hello, I have recently upgrated my interlupe server to gracia final and I want to add an account registration system so anyone who wants to create an account can do so from my website. I tried to find more info about that but since I am not a programmer I dont know what key words to use to find what I am looking for. I would also like to add an auto update system to live feed info (like server status) on my website I would really appreciate any help on the topic! P.S I ve been searching everywhere for a datapack for the latest lineage version out there (God - Lindvior) But it doesnt seem like I am going to find anything. If you know anything about the topic could let me know please (like a guide or link for the datapacks). Thanks in advance
  13. Luna x5 GF 2013 - International Joint project with the Lineage.ro (Dex) Servers Opening at october 18, 8pm (+4 UTC, Moscow) / 7pm (+3 UTC, Kiev) Server time: +3 UTC All shops by default in English, a second language (optional) Russian. www.lineage.ru Rates: Exp/SP: х5 Adena: х5 (amount) Seal stones: х1 Drop: chance х5, amount х1 Spoil: chance х5, amount х1 Quest (drop): х3-5* The Finest Food - х5 The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 - х5 The Finest Ingredients - Part 2 - х5 Alliance with Ketra Orcs - х5 Alliance with Varka Silenos - х5 War with Ketra Orcs - х5 War with Varka Silenos - х5 Relics of the old empire - х5 Gather the flames - х5 Zero hour – х3 An Ice Merchant's Dream – x5 Clean up the Swamp of Screams - х5 Yoke of the Past – x5 In Search of Fragments of Dimension - х3 Rase & Fall of the Elroki Tribe - х3 A Powerful Primeval Creature – х3 Matras' suspicious request – х3 Whisper Of Dreams Part 1/ Part 2 – х5 Legacy of Insolence – х5 Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/ Part 2 – х5 Quest (reward): adena х3; exp/sp x5 Pailaka - exp/sp x2 Level 36-42: Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire Level 61-67: Pailaka - Devil's Legacy Level 73-77: Pailaka - Injured Dragon Raid Boss exp/sp: x5 Raid Boss drop: x5 chance, amount x1 Epic Raid Boss: x1 Gameplay: The best of protection against third-party software: 100% protection against from bots (ingame/outgame ) Track new versions of third-party software and operational security Updates; Newbie Guide - doesn't give out weapons for newbies and travelers. Common Item, Shadow Weapon - did not sell and removed from the drop. Event NPC Adventurers' Guide Miss Queen will not be in the release. Will be introduced in a week, as a bonus for new users Dual Box: not more than 9 with one PC К. Off-Line Trade: Scroll costs 1 ToD; Seven signs start on Monday The siege of the castle and territorial War: Sieges all locks will be held in a standard cycle The first territorial War will be held at November 3. The great Olympic Games begin on the first of November; Occupation: quest or purchase in-game currency First occupation - 1 TOD or 100.000 Adena Second occupation - 3 TOD or 1.000.000 Adena Epic Bosses alive with starting the server. Tears of Devotion - Donat currency, is given as a reward for donations to the project. Shop for the Tears of Devotion: No premium accounts. Only Premium rune 30% and 20%; Items to restore vitality - cakes. Scrolls offline trade; Accessories, pets; Scrolls of transformation; Consumable items. Forum Announcements
  14. File Name: Lineage 2 Gracia Final x64 Extender (By Maxcheaters) File Submitter: Maxtor File Submitted: 18 Sep 2013 File Category: Lineage II Files Lineage 2 Gracia Final x64 Extender (By Maxcheaters) Our first attempt! Enjoy! - 01/09-13 - 1.04: Added SafeEnchant values standardly known from various exts. Removed Airship NO error clogs, because of annoyance. - 30/08-13 - 1.03: Added Clan Restriction stuff common to amped and c4 extender on MXC.ini Should be painfully obvious. - 29/08-13 - 1.02: Added MXC.ini Added 87 Protocol. No 87 system in sight, no way to test. But packets adjusted for switch in MXC.ini (Enable87) - 28/08-13 - 1.00: Started project - fixed all pts crap from dupes to hide olympiad augment instance etc... Credits: mcbigmac Click here to download this file
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