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Found 17 results

  1. Hello cheaters, WTS 75 55% PR Nice nickname, no pk, few pvps 2 STR 1 DEX DYE ToI 3 Tali Bunch of xp scrolls etc PM me here Accepting offers : € only Payment via Paypal Middleman accepted PM here on forum, then we'll discuss on skype. 44 SE 59.6 WL 58 SWS sold 49 BH - sold 53 Prophet sold 57 OL sold 49 destro sold
  2. Wind Rider character on l2 Tales - lvl 85 spells mostly +21/28, subclasses and subspells done, noblesse status dine Equip: armor: Vorpal leather {PvP} set +6 lvl 7 attribute weapon: Skull Edge Dagger +5 lvl7 Earth attribute with Critical Damage SA and D.might passive / +4 Vesper dual daggers - Gale 230 att jewls: Frintezza necklace +5 / Necklace of Freya +4 , Ring of Queen Ant +6, Olympiad warriors ring / Vorpal Ring +6, Vorpal Earring +6, olympiad warriors earring misc: 3,2 kkk adena, 71 Donation Pounds, 190 Apiga (cca. 2.375kkk) Accepting CS:
  3. wanna buy D dagger Cursed Maingauche +9 and more, with othel or w/o, pm offers
  4. Account: Account With 816NCOIN To expend Server: NAIA (GMT+1) Character: Level 89 Othell Rogue Subclass: 80lvl Spectral Dancer Subclass: 72LVL Paladin Status: Noblesse(With reputation=Green Colour Name) Ítems on INV: Brooch Pendant,Accesory Critical Rate,Earring Zaken and Frintezza Necklace, Armor: Set TWILIGHT+7 FULL 2 PARTS BLESSED(Millitary Appearence) Weapon: Shadow Dagger Talismán: Anihilation(Yellow Talismán) Mentee Coins: 6K Ítems On Warehouse: Skull Edge(Death lvl 5) Dagger+8(s80) Runes of EXP(Amount Min 7) Potions Of vitality(Min 4)randoms 20min scrolls vitality full
  5. Character Name: Aryathing Class: Othell Rogue(95LVL) Dualclass: Iss Enchanter(85LVL) Subclass: Phantom Ranger(64LVL) Status: Noblesse Talismán: Anihilation(yellow talismán) Ítems On INV: Set Twilight+3(Boots and Gaunts+5)Zaken Earring And Frintezza's Necklace Ítems On Warehouse: 180kk Adenas,Amount of EXP Runes,Assasin Suit Set and parts,Stones for Spawn RB'S with drop(85 and 93 lvl)Enchants,Immortal Scrolls and Much more Skype And Mail to Contact with me: GoodInterludeLineage2@outlook.es Price: 75Euros ,Payment Paypal
  6. WTS @ Core +8 PvP Light set +11 Blessed r99 thrower 2SA +9 PvP Dagger 2SA Blessed Antharas earring Earth Wyrm Hearth ring Talisman - Insanity Talisman - Seven Signs Ruby lv5 Obsidian lv5 Pm me here or Leave a comment Skype: xmacaron666
  7. We have for sell equipped characters. 1)SWS 78 -Nobless -tallum set -TTs set+3(unsealed) -300kk adena, Fenrir 73(top eq) -manor fruits(for MA, SC, nice prices on goddart and aden, i will give time of selling). -50e-coin(donate items). -On Main Acc Nuker 74, SE 70+, manor characters. 2)BP 78 -sub class done, sub sws 70 -TTs set(sealed) -DC set -60kk adena -koka 78, GW 65(low eq). 3)AW 78 -sub class done, sub bd 74 -TTs set(unsealed) -37kk adena -Fenrir 74(low eq) -MJ L set -Angel Slayer SA Critical Damage 150Fire -Premium rune to 04.11.2016 More information on
  8. WTS dagger 85 (ghost hunter all skills +10/full dyes) / destro 74 on DEX with pack items armors/jewels/weapons on special price! PACKET CONTAINS: character Vesper leather set +4/3/3/3/3 3x60 attri dynasty knife +1 critical damage 300 set vesper+vorpal jewels moirai leather set draconic leather set majestic heavy set bw heavy set and many many other gifts :D All these ONLY 55 euro!!! i also accept the fastest and safest payment way ..PAYSAFE card and Paypal..pm me ty :)
  9. As in topic: I want to buy Core character, Feoh or Yul. Must have 99/99 (or dual close) lvl and 16 AP on main. I can buy it with some equipment like brooches, elemental shirt, talismans, set, weapon etc. Looking for good offer. PM me here with char info and price. Cheers. :gusta:
  10. Hello Guys I am Selling Full Geared Dagger account on L2Tales x20(Hi5): Vorpal Light+6 lv7 AQ Baium+7 Augmented Dual Skull Edge+6 lv7(STR+1) Zaken Elegia Earrings Olfs+6 Top-Belt+4 PvP Defense Full+30 Skills Tezza And as a Gift:BP CHAR with dynasty mace+4 lv4 Acumen Full+25skills Rising Star +4 lv6 Acumen Olf+8 With all of them i give and 40 bots for freya 82/84 lvl with geared titan/gladi/judi For more info send me a message!!! :)
  11. As tittle say... im selling my char.. light elf othell ghost hunter 99 ( 5 AP near for 6 ) / dual 93 yull archer / 80 / 80 char got +6 full eternal light set 3x120 and r99 jewels active reflect on C grade weapon skills enchant importand + 8-10 and the other +5- 6 and many other items in WH i can sell it naked or with items.. im new here in this forum but i have make many deals on others .. so.. i will not sent account first.. Money first then items or account. paypal with verifed account only... pm me here for more info about char
  12. WTB ==> Windrider / Plainswalker high level on dex arion x5
  13. wts othell wind rider Lv.99. dual Yul Lv 95 Subs 80/80 Passive skills +5 / +6 Active skills from +3 to +5 talisman amihilation + kaliels for hellfire octavis and tauti braclets octavis and istina bottles and crys. 550 Raid points. 4 Ability points. SOLD
  14. WTS Lvl. 99 dagger/lvl. 98 yul! Dark elf male. GH main: - skills: all +7-10 - 2 ability points available - ~700k fame GS dual: - skills: 0 enchant - ~50% to 99 subs: 2x lvl. 80 equip: r99 light set normal 120 attr. +3, some +4 r95 light set normal 120 attr. +3 uppert part +4 TW light set normal 60 attr. +3 some zaken,tezza cloaks +5-1 dex dyes, dex hat r99 dagger normal 300 attr. +4 +active celestial aug. r grade bow 300 attr. +4 hellfire tali+2x hunter tali in enhanced octa bracelet zaken earring, istina earring,soul tezza,baium,aq ~800m aden
  15. Hello everyone, I've decided to sell my account on wrath dex from server 4x. Character Information : Wind rider 84 2 subclasses 75 Noblesse status Enchanted skills + 10 Premium account 200 SPoints Gear Information: Vesper leather set +3 little attributed Vesper Shaper 150 attribute Vesper grade jewels Pailaka shirt Dawn bracelet Dyes +4/-4 10 million adena + mats A grade sets for the subclasses Ant queen ring Contact Information: bcosti68@yahoo.com skype : b.costi68 Personal message here Additional Information: I accept middleman for the sale.
  16. Hello, I'd like to sell the next following account on wrath new server of dexternet. http://www.lineage2dex.com/ Character info : Wind Rider level 84 with - hawkate 75 sub - Noblesse status - swordsinger 70 Premium account + 500 SPoints. All possible enchanted skills to +6/10 Gear info : Angel slayer +3 / 150 water Dark Crystal Set +3 Majestic Jew set +3 Pailaka Shirt 7s bracelet 50 kk Vesper leather helmet Vesper shield Moirai leather set (just the recipes + 18 parts of each part) mats Contact : bcrbogdan - sk