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Othell Rogue 89Lvl Ncsoft Naia(Gmt+1)

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Account: Account With 816NCOIN To expend

Server: NAIA (GMT+1)

Character: Level 89 Othell Rogue

Subclass: 80lvl Spectral Dancer

Subclass: 72LVL Paladin

Status: Noblesse(With reputation=Green Colour Name)

Ítems on INV: Brooch Pendant,Accesory Critical Rate,Earring Zaken and Frintezza Necklace,

Armor:  Set TWILIGHT+7 FULL 2 PARTS BLESSED(Millitary Appearence)

Weapon: Shadow Dagger

Talismán: Anihilation(Yellow Talismán)

Mentee Coins: 6K


Ítems On Warehouse: Skull Edge(Death lvl 5) Dagger+8(s80)

Runes of EXP(Amount Min 7)

Potions Of vitality(Min 4)randoms 20min scrolls vitality full vitality 50%vitality

Scrolls:Vitality and Exp


Ítems S80

Kain Soul Crystals

1Rune of Drop

Stones to obtain Other talismán(49)

Kaliels Energye's


Skype And Mail to contact with me : goodinterludelineage2@outlook.es


Price 150Euros

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