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  1. Othell Rogue from human with class changed in elf. MAIN - othellrogue elf - Level 100 - 16 ap - all skills +10 - hellfire talisman - brooch 4 slots with lvl 3 jwls - exalted quest done - some sh1ts in wh like mp/hp/vita pots some crys from octa istina bla bla bla DUAL CLASS - summoner dark elf -Level 100 and 90% - 16 ap that`s all folks Rest of classes 80/80 Price for it is 400 euros because on account i also have : MAIN - ertheya mage - Level 99 - 14 ap - some skills enchanted - hellfire - brooch etc Dual - healer - level 96 . Also on account the rest of chars are for zaken/freya
  2. WTS Human tank with eva class change 10 AP points dual class 99 dagger 80/80 rest - it has toons for aq baium orfen zakens etc. Con bracelet + eyepatch con + shirt +3 (yeah i know i wanted it + 8) Talisman Hellfire Tank has vita pots and weapons like reflect damage, also it has reflect damage before awakening Char is sold naked or can be traded for dagger with same stats. Also have almost all skills enchanted between +4 - +7 - UD is +10 price for char is 450 euros, payment via bank transfer i get the money u get the account, this is my second sell in here so try to be serios, ty
  3. Sold, please close this topic, ty and btw omni i sold it for 450 euros
  4. I don`t care if you are interested or not stop spamming my topic, ty
  5. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/185082-othell-99-darkelf-core/
  6. it`s my toon i can ask for it how much i want, i played this char 3 years mob by mob so please let me sell my work and stop harrasing my topic, thank you
  7. WTS OTHELL, HUMAN APPEAREANCE with DARK ELF CLASS CHANGE lvl 99 with dual class DARK ELF SUMMONER 99 subs 80 / 80 - 2 passive skills +10 - some AP points naked + talisman hellfire + aria bracelet dex - 300 Euros or seraph +3 set, r95 bless dagger +6 SA 300, seraph set jwls, party mask dex augu, aria bracelet dex, talisman anihilation - 400 Euros eternal +4 set 120 atrib, r99 dagger +4 SA 300, seraph set jwls, party mask dex, aria bracelet dex, talisman hellfire, octavis shirt, istina octa crystals, vita pots, and some more stuff in wh - 450 euros Account has 15 days of PA left + full vita