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  1. i cannot find report section, can u give me a link?
  2. Bladedancer lvl 78,96 % BW heavy set +6 sls x sls +7 othel 6-7 (dont remember) bop +10 othel 6-8 (dont remember) toi talisman lvl 6 talisman of power lvl 3 aq lvl 3 bo +4-6 1 hero count I can provide screenshots with stats in full buff and inventory. It was op af, solo killing hero glad + hero cardi, hero aw + hero EE + bd full A. WH dama x tallum +0 dc shield mj helm . . some other staff Spoil, Craft, WC lvl 61 aprox full B set +10-12 D wepons SELLING EVERYTH
  3. Who is scammer here I should take care off?, be exact, u re making everyone confused here including myself.
  4. trusted, bought BD from him and sold him adena, fast and smooth trades, definetly recommend
  5. as title says wtb adena on classic.club
  6. Cardinal 76 - u can donate 20€ to change to any class 76 (not craft and ol) BD 51 SE 51 WC 44 Glad 65 Hawk 56 Wk 41 more info in pm
  7. selling : CM +13 othel 7 Emi +7 othel 7 Doom heavy set +4333 + shield if u need pm with offers thank u