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  1. Hi, Here proof: This guy add me for +8 drake set in Giran server (lineage 2) send 30€ to him after i call pufa for finish trade cause i see this guy is prolly a scammer. 2 screen here. Ty and gl hf about poor people scam 30€ xD
  2. Hi, As title say i WTB DRAKE LEATHER SET +8 IN GIRAN Adenas or euros Skype: williamlefebvre69
  3. Hi, WTB BW LIGHT SET in Giran server. Pm offer or add me in skype: williamlefebvre69
  4. Hi, WTS IN GIRAN CLASSIC NA PP 58 ALL SKILLS LEARN (Haste/DW) (SOLD) Warlord 59 (CON dyes) fell swoop learn (on same account elemental summoner 49 (all skills learn) 25 days exp rune 50% SH 59 (+5 WIT/ +4 INT) >>>CDL LEARN<<< aura flash (have name change ticket and gender change ticket on inventory) 12 days xp 50% rune SWS 58 (SOLD) EE 58 clarity and PR learn (SOLD) TYRANT LVL 64 AT 50% 6000 nccoin inside, dyes STR, (SOLD) Gladiator 58 1700 nc coin dyes +5 ( SOLD) >>>Bellion cestus +3<<< (SOLD) BH 43 50kk adenas in stock 1kk/7.5€ (SOLD) Add me on skype: williamlefebvre69 or send me a msg here Paypal only friend and familly Thx
  5. Add me in skype plz: williamlefebvre69 u cant receive a msg in mxc dunno why
  6. Hi, I have to sell few chars and adenas on skelth: Titan lvl 78 full skills with bracelet lvl 3, 40 xp scrolls, 1.8 Billion exp in scrolls, full dyes STR+4/CON -4: SOLD Ghost Hunter lvl 77: 280€ or 310kk SOLD Sorcerer lvl 74 at 65%: SOLD Destroyer lvl 61: 50€ SOLD SWS lvl 58 (full songs learn): SOLD BD lvl 55 delvl from lvl 58 (full dances learn) 80€ SOLD 0kk adenas in stock : 1kk= 1€ Add me on skype: williamlefebvre69 Exchange for Adenas or paypal>payment first after account or adenas (i have all info + mails)