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  1. post full logs with his skype id . you probably traded with a scammer with live:
  2. I also hate this so much. if you write kumawow1 , first result you get is live:kumawow1 - that scammer. I also wrote several mails to outlook and they wrote me: " We are sorry for your negative experience. We are here to help you, but more information is needed for us to investigate and take action. The impersonator must be using one of the following, to be in violation of the Microsoft Services Agreement http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-live/microsoft-services-agreement your legal name your telephone number your address any other personal identification of yours, such as them using your photograph Use of a nickname which matches yours or using a legal name which is the same as yours, is not a violation of the Microsoft Services Agreement. The person must be explicitly representing themselves as you. " I hate it, I lost a customer and Dokanzito lost his cash and I can t do anything about this live: guy.
  3. i did, check the second post from the thread. i made another thread https://maxcheaters.com/topic/225076-scammer-livepufa316/?tab=comments#comment-2702397
  4. i replied because the scammer you were talking with contacted me telling me he was you and told me to reply to you on forum. please put pictures with the entire conversation with his skype id and payment details from paypal. I want to find this guy real name, he s pissing me off.
  5. please read my post, the scammer added me on his skype saying he was you and I should reply him on forum!
  6. Please post the full skype conversation, and the skype ID. I wasn't the one talking with you on skype!
  7. Hello,last night this guy add me on skype impersonating member on the forum here Dokanzito(https://maxcheaters.com/profile/218279-dokanzito/) He added me, called me on skype two times and I woke up(I was sleeping). He was spamming me to reply to him on forum that we are talking on skype. So I wrote a message to Dokanzito that we are talking on skype(I wasn't talking to the real him of course but with live:pufa316) Dokanzito was talking to a scammer on skype and this scammer added me and impersonated Dokanzito. Well he got scammed of 180$, and he blames me because I message him on the forum. My messages with live:pufa316 who was impersonating Dokanzito. I had not imagined even in my wildest dreams that some scammer would think to do this shit. http://www.imagebam.com/image/292edd1056923274 http://www.imagebam.com/image/2571751056923284 http://www.imagebam.com/image/97b9411056923304
  8. I already have the real name on my paypal. If I open another one with my name won't they insta block it? About the bank account it's no problem because I withdraw money to a Revolut bank account!
  9. Paypals new rules: -sellers aren't covered when they are selling digital goods -buyers are protected when they buy digital goods. So who knows, I ll probably lose .
  10. Yes I know, pretty lame . Too all the adena sellers please check the skype , I didn t check it when he added me 10 days ago. He bought some adena, everything was ok. Today he wanted to buy 20kk. Because he bought 10 days ago and I had no proble ms I really wasn't suspicious so I just went all in no problems. Big mistake, Now I have a dispute on paypal! AFTER I gave him the adena, I was like:dude wtf was I thinking. And 5 mins later, BAM dispute. Buyer’s Name: Michael Hohmann Buyer’s Email: Snnak1@web.de Transaction Date: 06 December 2018 Your Transaction ID: http://www.imagebam.com/image/f903f01054352014 http://www.imagebam.com/image/5dc4c11054352034 http://www.imagebam.com/image/76d6bf1054355014
  11. Transactions on Revolut/ Paypal<gift> , webmoney, skrill,credit card(secure gateway). After payment you will get all the info to the account: Mail Password, Account Password, Account Name, PIN. Asking Price: 140 euro . Price is negotiable . contact on skype : kumawow1 (NOT ANYTHING ELSE!!! when you add me specify your username on mxc) PLEASE CLICK THIS BUTTON TO MAKE SURE YOU ADD THE REAL ME:
  12. Hi.I'm selling adena on NA Classic(GIRAN+TI+GLUDIO Transactions on Paypal<gift> , webmoney, skrill,credit card(secure gateway)/revolut . contact on skype : kumawow1 (NOT ANYTHING ELSE!!! when you add me specify your username on mxc) or WeChat ID: wxid_kjlsq4e26ers22 PLEASE CLICK THIS BUTTON TO MAKE SURE YOU ADD THE REAL ME: TRIPLE CHECK MY SKYPE, it shouldn't be live:kumawow1/kumawow2/kumawow123, some scammers started appearing . TO VERIFY YOU ARE TALKING WITH THE REAL ME ON SKYPE,CHECK MY SKYPE 2 TIMES AND SEND ME IN PM A PICTURE WITH OUR SKYPE CONVERSATION!!! I'm online whole day (europe time). 1kk-4.5 euro(GIRAN) 1KK-4.5 euro(GLUDIO) 1kk-4.5$ /4 euro(TALKING ISLAND) Stock: GIRAN:41KK+ TI:40kk+ GLUDIO:15kk+ After payment you will get the adena instantly! If you find cheaper I will match the price! If you want to buy all the adena add me on skype and make me a good offer! Also If you want the adena add me and we can negotiate the price.