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  1. Hello, its me paypal and I think you was scammed. me topic etc and real information is inside. Be CAREFUL!
  2. Buy some adena, he send me first. Looks like a good guy.
  3. WTB Adena in Giran server 0.9 write me skype - donatas.kkk2 PayPal
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  5. Lineage II Classic - Giran for sale ACC: Spectral Dancer 80 with siren. Gran khavatari 80 Titan 80 with TOI lv4, valakas event, 6000 event box. Archmage 80 Spelhower 78.30 Berserker 80 Bishop 68 DA 72 SPOIL 80 Necromancer 58 Elemental summoner 58 all chars with valakas event and some with 6000 event box unopened. Item: Hats +3 DEX, 20% xp, sleep, silence, HP/MP/CP recovery. DC robe set +8 Evolution stones Be CAREFUL there is some scammers! When you make deal with me be sure me discord ID or s