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  1. exellent buyer instand delivery and good communication!!!
  2. exellent buyer,fast payment nice community,will cooperate again if need ty
  3. exellent buyer instand deliver,fast and safe will cooperate again for sure!!!!
  4. used as middleman for transaction 1500+++euro and all goes smooth and safe,best service around will use again for sure
  5. hello cheaters, back in sales,wts adenas at GIRAN server current stock is 0kk Characters: 1.warcryer lvl 60 all skills learned,many boosts-exp scrolls,naked 2.tresure hunter lvl 60,all skills learned,many boost-exp scrolls,naked all account is given with original mail no personal infos,1rst owner legal played no using 3rd party software accept paypal as gift msg me here first to avoid scammers of skype to contact you and be sure you talking with me,fast delivery and smooth as always
  6. hello im quit game, acc wc all skills learned 66lvl+50%,,acc comes with mail no personal infos added still in subscription around 25 days low price, accept only paypal
  7. hello i sell adenas at giran classic server current stock is 15kk price 1kk=8 euro accounts: crafter lvl 42 (q done),many recs registered(daily adena profit from crafts 70-90k) 40 euro or adenas p.s all accounts is given with original mail,first owner pm me here
  8. hello,wts 3 accounts at l2classic skelth 1.acc gladiator lvl 76(65%) naked unique items (toi talisman lvl2,zaken cloak,bracelet lvl5) on same acc sorc 40 ready for aq,crafter 26(all basic recs added)<----accept adenas also 2.spoiler 40 with q done naked sold 3.wc 44 lvl not all skills learned sold + clan lvl3 with 1500 crp<----accept adenas also adenas:1,2euro/1kk no stock atm paypal/adenas accept *all accounts is given with original mail,no personal infos/phone added
  9. nice and clear trancaction,reccomented buyer !!!!++++
  10. wts accounts on skelth 1.acc prophet all skills learned sold equip:karmian set,top d jewels,d weapon with mp regen added lvl5
  11. as topic said, im interested to buy dual sls*sls +6 or more pm me for offers ty