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  1. Dear L2 NAIA players! Wanna gear up? Looking for fancy items for your Archer/Dagger/Tyrr? Check what we can get for you and let us know if you're interested in anything! +10 dark R110 heavy set full elemental +12 limited slasher 3 SA stage 10 Rulers ring of authority Insanity talisman Abudance lvl 1 Talisman +5 radiant circlet of authority Blessed antharas earring +5 top grade kaliel bracelet Ametyst Lv5 +15 elmoreden cloak (aguments +9.5 pvp dmg) If you are willing to buy few items we can negotiate the prices ;-) Contact us through email or contact one of our agents through Livechat available at Keep in mind we're available from 9am - 2am CEST (EU time zone). All deals MUST be done through our official website! We never trade outside the web! Best regards!
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  4. All good - paid him upfront - delivery within 2 minutes after payment - will buy again thnx!
  5. WTB +9 Dragon Water Pendant Lv.3 Orfen Lv.3 Talking Island server L2 Classic If yes? PM us on MXC or Livechat ;-) Interested to buy it with USD or Adena