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  1. Have close to 50kk inventory 7usd per KK before Christmas, both characters sold now. Message me on here
  2. I have 30kk inventory selling for 7.9usd/KK also have a level 60 SPS /w SE for sale.
  3. Have 20kk inventory now selling for $8 USD per kk. Will only use verified 3rd party to exchange unless you are willing to pay first. Message fast
  4. I have 25kk in inventory and new price is $9.5 usd per kk. Level 59 with 56 buffer for sale as well. Pm me
  5. I recently got scammed out of 10kk and just wanted to double check that this guys profile is legit. THank you for the help in advance
  6. Payed this site 10kk adena and they refused to pay me. The account that messsaged me was l2shops.info.
  7. Payed this site 10kk adena and they refused to pay me, wont be getting anything back but wanted others to be aware https://L2shops.Info
  8. Hope this is the right section for this. Im quitting the server and want to sell off what I have. I've seen the adena sellers spamming $18 per kk so I will sell at 15 per kk. I also have a level 40 pp and a couple of 55+ characters if you want to know what they are private message me. I should have some positive feed back from selling adena in the past about being trust worthy. If you want to buy anything pm me