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  1. As a tittle say i want to sell adena on this server. Leave me private msg . Give me your skype or Discord . Best Regards!
  2. WTS L2Lionna Classic 2.8 15x ADENA 100kk + If you are interesting leave me private msg with your SKYPE or DISCORD . WTS NA classic GIRAN adena . Stock atm 1kk+ Na Giran Lv46 Warcryer +with email+VIP Sold <<-- Price can be negotation. NA GIRAN Lv 43 Orc Shaman (CAN BE OVERLORD OR WC) with e-mail with scrolls. Sold. <<-- Price can be negotation. NA GLUDIO Lv21 Human Knight with e-mail with scrolls 30 Euro. <<-- Price can be negotation. Lv 41 Orc Shaman with mail with scrolls.. CAN be WC or OL! 120 Euro! 2/3 quests are done! If you are interesting leave private msg with your Skype ID! Paypal only