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  1. The main problem is that at the beginning of the conversation I asked him to write me through the forum to make sure he was the one, and he answered me from his account.
  2. if you were not the one who spoke on Skype, they confirmed to me through your account in less than 3 minutes that I was supposedly talking to you.
  3. Yesterday I contacted the user Bigmanx to make a purchase of adena through Skype, at the time I contacted him I asked for security that to sercierarme that outside he would send me a private message by maxcheater in order to verify that it was the . After a conversation he sent me his paypal account and after depositing it I waited for a while, after that I no longer answered and now I contacted another Skype character indicating that he was the one and that they had scammed me. I have photos of all the conversation especially the aprte where I initiate you to send me an mp by maxcheater to sercierarme that is the. https://ibb.co/0V29SwG https://ibb.co/bF9LvVh https://ibb.co/7NLrg0d https://ibb.co/T2zL0rp https://ibb.co/JR5cNT9 I understand what the colleague tells me that he suffered a scam but he answered me from his own maxcheater account at the time and asked him to tell me that it was indeed him.
  4. Quality service, if you talk well and make clear the deal. Comply with the times agreed in pwlv.
  5. you have your prophet yet ?, some skype or discord user to talk?
  6. Hola Hello sweeties! I have been playing L2 for several years, but I never used bots, cheats,... Thanks to all!