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  1. So you are after me for straight month already and we are yet to see the proofs you even ever contacted me. Still you come up with imaginary bullshit in privates trying to flame me for no reason lol...
  2. I do not know who you are and what you are even talking about. When i asked you for any proofs or reference you gave me nothing but empty words. Moderators please be so kind to ask this guy for any proofs or delete this bullshit
  3. As in title, wts DC and Items on l2Elixir (AQ, Tallum hvy, DC robe etc. ) Dronto#0648 - discord
  4. our group made an exchange with this seller and it went decent. + rep
  5. WTS 300KK Adena on L2Reborn WTS Tallum heavy set on L2Reborn WTS MJ Light set on L2Reborn WTS SPH 72 WTS SPH 61 WTS SPS 63 WTS NECRO 58 WTS NECRO 75 WTS AW 68 I aspire to complete a trade in the most legitimate way. live:.cid.d8352734d03aeea1 - Skype Dronto#0648-Disc