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  1. Server : MMOWAY.com Vanilla Classic X3 Chars: Necromancer 58 Necromancer 57 Necromancer 51 Sorcerer 52 Warlord 61 Bladedancer 52 Swordsinger 55 Shillien Elder 61 Swordsinger 49 Prophet 52 Abyss walker 49 All chars got FULL skillset Adena: 85kk Gear: Demon's staff x3 Full plate set Any other c/d gear if you need it, just ask. Discord : Nemeside#3830
  2. probably best server possible now, and sieges were just announced!
  3. WTB Adena l2reborn, verified paypal only, looking for lowest prices possible discord : Nemeside#3830
  4. Important note, as the administrator of this trash server had been already noticed trying to hunt sellers on maxcheaters with small test purchases ( you can see this in his maxcheaters profile ), those are the two terms i have to implement for those willing to have business : 1) I DO NOT reveal the names of my characters ( regardless what lvl they are and usage they have ( main or trade toon ) until i got money transferred as friends / family; 2) Least amount to purchase at a time is 5-7kk. Thanks for understanding, l2rebornadminblahblah - have fun : )
  5. Selling adena at L2Reborn x1 Interlude, current pile is 31M. Taking serious offers at discord : Nemeside#3830
  6. wts 70B Chronos $5,5 per PayPal or Zelle, UP FRONT only pm P.S. If you're compromised as an invoice - sending scammer anywhere on the Internet, i won't waste my precious time talking with you. Thanks for understanding.