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  1. Your behaviour is really immature. I already contacted a Moderator in order to check if you broke any MxC law by DownVoting my post without a reason. Even if you are a legit seller with better prices then me (that i doubt about it) you proved lack of professionality. I strongly suggest you to not Quote me or Reply to my posts from now on since you create a bad image for my business on this forum. I do not want to be associated to you by any means. Thank you.
  2. Hello, i can provide adena for 0,80E = 1kk. There is a huge selling/buying market on l2reborn giran town but also some other towns and you will be able to buy almost everything by just checking the player shops. If interested please send me a private message.
  3. As title says im selling on l2warland the following items: - ALL ITEMS SOLD - I would highly appreciate if everyone who bought an item from me in the last days will give an UpVote and a feedback. Thank you.
  4. Just closed a deal with him for 120E without middleman. Legit seller, highly recommended, thank you.
  5. I sent you a private message here on maxcheaters forum.
  6. Hello, i am selling my necro that i was using for farming mid-high RBs in l2 Reborn. Level 66 with all skills learned till 70 (it was deleveled from 70). It has permanent VIP, cosmetic accessory, 25+kk adena, karmian set, shadow valhallas, con+4 int+4 wit+4 dyes, collectable Q items lvl 40-70+, various mats, scrolls, recipes from D to A grade and plenty of misc items so you can just log it in and play it. To be clear, this is not the usual character that you buy naked and then u have to spend other 40/50 E to be able to get out of town and farm by yourself or get invited in a party.
  7. I cannot see any photos and i wouldnt trust even opening any files through a private message so since many players are joining l2reborn lately (including me) i would highly recommend the use of a photo hosting site where to upload these pics and then post them here. Later there was a mass banning situation in l2reborn and the accused ones were all banned but they have the chance to make a new character (and most of them didnt start playing again after losing everything obviously) So till here the story seems to be very good from everyone's perspective, abusers got punished losing
  8. Hello, im interested in buying both the accounts, what items u have on them and what is the last price you could sell them for?
  10. Hello, i can offer you 130E right now through paypal
  11. i understand, i guess i will have to test it mainly but till now on this srv it looks like powind should be the best choice for the gh that im playing