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  1. UPDATE: Adena is momentarily out of stock. The only available listing on reborn at the moment are 1x QA Ring and 1x Frintezza's Necklace. Both epic jewels prices have been lowered.
  2. Your behaviour is really immature. I already contacted a Moderator in order to check if you broke any MxC law by DownVoting my post without a reason. Even if you are a legit seller with better prices then me (that i doubt about it) you proved lack of professionality. I strongly suggest you to not Quote me or Reply to my posts from now on since you create a bad image for my business on this forum. I do not want to be associated to you by any means. Thank you.
  3. Hello, i can provide adena for 0,80E = 1kk. There is a huge selling/buying market on l2reborn giran town but also some other towns and you will be able to buy almost everything by just checking the player shops. If interested please send me a private message.
  4. Listing updated, I am also able to find various types of items. Let me know via private message what are you looking for.
  5. As title says i am selling Adena and much more in L2Reborn. 1 kk = 0,80 E DC R Set +4333 = 150 E QA = 400 E Tezza = 650 E From now on i can also be contacted via Discord: fr23rf#4729 for faster deals. Contact me directly through private messages. We can use a maxcheater`s verified middleman or you pay first. PayPal in some cases or BTC are the only accepted payment methods. Payment Method UPDATE: From now on i will accept PayPal payments FRIENDS AND FAMILY only if: -You are using a middleman; -Or the amount is lower then 30E; -Or we did
  6. As title says im selling on l2warland the following items: - ALL ITEMS SOLD - I would highly appreciate if everyone who bought an item from me in the last days will give an UpVote and a feedback. Thank you.
  7. Just closed a deal with him for 120E without middleman. Legit seller, highly recommended, thank you.
  8. I sent you a private message here on maxcheaters forum.