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  1. @Celestine Rerol1989 its a scammer. here are the profs
  2. i want to buy baium and antharas i will answer only to old members on maxcheaters or new members with positive feedback. skype: istorm3r Discord: istorm3r#0577 in case you contact with on skype or discord i want info on your profile on maxcheaters.
  3. if a moderator check mesages will inderstand but i can also post it.
  4. i am looking for item in l2 warland (i don't want gold only items). pm me here or add me on skype: istorm3r
  5. WTB on l2 warlnad bow+ 10 or more am + 10 or more draco set+ 10 or more ic set +10 or more dc set +10 or more add me on skype: istrom3r
  6. WTB baium or any other epic on l2 warland add me on skype: istorm3r
  7. l2 warland WTB Baium AQ Tezza add me on skype: istorm3r
  8. l2warland WTB Valakas' Necklace add me on skype: istorm3r
  9. l2 warland i looking for Valakas' Necklace and over enchante weapons and armors