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  1. i have some sets i am selling right now, add me on discord Mikyyy93#7918
  2. hi, i am selling qa and tezza +10. i don't remember the aq enchant since i don't login from many months, i have to check. let me know if you interested. no scam ofc.. oh and also got a DB +10
  3. as title, i am selling: 175k gold tezza+10 2x AQ +7 / +9 TATEOSS RING / EARRING +10 dc set robe +10 DB +10 FOCUS ORFEN CLEAN DRACONIC SET 10/8/8/8 only serious people. write me here or discord Mikyyy93#7918 if you don't trust i share my social and give all possible info about me, i don't mind to scam, i'll provide all you want. I am selling cos me and my friend quitted since january and try to make some money. taking more than 1 items will make the price be lower :)