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  1. @Celestine you have proofs and that account isn't baned yet?
  2. I didn't , I get scam once and I always use middleman from that day , but a friend didn't listen me ..
  3. Maxcheaters account @precis discord name believer#8575 and nannah#8192 he just scam a friend . Ban this account pls https://ibb.co/y6wHz6x
  4. Looking to buy a baium and some gold in l2 warland !
  5. @Celestine ok thank you very much
  6. @Celestine here is the post with the proof's maybe in the wrong section? Sorry about that (Gr) exei kanei Kai alla trade re file Kai eida oti htan trusted Kai arketa xronia sto Maxcheaters, ti na pw ..
  7. Hello i want to report @gas2005 for scam and his account to be banned , here are all the evidence. https://ibb.co/sJ5pSCp https://ibb.co/WHtQhpW https://ibb.co/J3Twxrh
  8. Ok big scammer he took the money and run away not even answer @Celestine I have all the evidence