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  1. The initial version will be 2.0 (Saviors / ToI / Baium). And it will be updated to the following versions later. Site: www.undergames.net XP/SP x3, Adena x3, Drop/Spoil x2, Quests x1 Opening date: 15/02/2019 20:00 (GTM-3) No modifications to the original game. All the features of the Saviors chronicle including: Dungeon of Abyss, Heavenly Rift, weapon runes system, olympiads , and much more Fair donation system that doesn't unbalance actual gameplay. Also: Chronicle updates gradually happening, active GM 24/7, anti bot/hack systems, offline traders and free tracking of items. Optimized connectivity to all America and Europe P.S.: I'm not the owner of the server, just doing some advertising to it.