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  1. Clearly a server that created only for money.
  2. Its not smart to rename L2Eriu to L2Hype to change the website, to create new account on MxC with L2Hype name! After failing L2Eriu try to open it again with aeron name! All knew that L2Eriu was L2Aeron!
  3. Nice to hear it! Hope u the best!
  4. hahaha. I try it too because i am looking for a server to relax. And when i loged i notice this is not hi5. Too many over armors and wings. Please guys!
  5. How many players u calculate at beggining?
  6. How i can have my main programs for example chrome,skype,spotify open but dont show them at task bar? In order to have minimized ?
  7. I found and changed the favicon but i dont find anywhere how to change the name.
  8. Does anyone knows how to change the name and icon at my website tab?
  9. Does anyone recognise this program icon??