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  1. You can always learn from mistakes ;).
  2. We're delaying the opening to 22nd due to low interest of players.
  3. Beta will be opened tonight.
  4. Added floating chat option to the webpage. We're still improving it, so players could easily reach staff and other community fast.
  5. Legacy of Insolence x10 drop rate.
  6. Yes. It should & it's being updated when it is possible.
  7. We are using Vangth latest antibot.
  8. We're focusing at everybody, not just EU. The staff is active 24/7.
  9. It's not going to be the same...
  10. Coinsidence most likely...
  11. Thank you, we'll do our best.
  12. You do not know every owner lad, so how can you talk like that? And the ones who lie - they do not have the budget or are greedy, that way they are ruining theyr servers by inbalancing it. And hardcore players figure that out pretty quick. These donations are basically cosmetic. No it isn't. To be honest I haven't seen a better C6 server than this one. And I wouldn't be working my ass off if it wouldn't be flawless from the tech and balance side. All we want is a crowded server and happy community. In all those years we saw lots of mistakes here and there, lots of things had to be
  13. No donations for Weapons/Armors/SA/Augments ! P.S. We know you don't believe us, but it's true. We reserve the right to add/edit this list if need be ! But ... we promise that we will not add anything to inbalance the game ! Exp/SP Rune 30% 1 day - 1 coins 7 days - 4 coins 15 days - 6 coins 30 days - 9 coins Spoil/Drop Rune 20% 1 day - 1 coins 7 days - 4 coins 15 days - 6 coins 30 days - 9 coins Exp/SP 30% + Spoil/Drop 20% Rune [Combo Rune] 1 day - 2 coins 7 days - 6 coins 15 days - 9 coins 30 days - 14 coins Runes[ runes can also be obtained by
  14. Thank you. We're hoping for that too.
  15. Removed pet buffs, prophecies & resists from the NPC buffer.