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  1. Hello WTS : Great Wolf 57lvl, Low eq Kookaburra 57lvl Cloak PVP/PVE/MP,HP BOOST ! 2x IRON BELT/2 MITHRIL BELT ! Doom H Set (helmet Found) BW R Set 2 Hom+Acu+3 Club of nature+acu Stick of faith+mana up+1 Sword of delusion+health ADENA ! Characters : BP/TK/EE/OL 60lvl ClubCard perma ! PM HERE OR https://discord.gg/emHwvzQ OR SKYPE : szymek08101993
  2. draco set 30e adena 1kkk 15e characters 20e each !! Some A grade Sets/items Very Cheap ! want to make money ? PM ! Super Sale ! PM or SKYPE : szymek08101993
  3. Hello Want to Sell Items/Characters ! HE 77 subbclass wl 70+ BP 79 subbclass destro 76+ (enchanted skills/skill 110power in AM+acu) HE 77 subbclass destro 60+ BD/SWS 76~ ITEMS : ADENA ! Draco Set Draco Bow+F DC Robe Set +6 Tallum H Set HD+F Dual S NM H Set IPOS+F MJ L Set Ant Queen+6 Orfen+5 TT set Materials also/ PM what u need ! (accept Adena in server) ! PM with yours offer !!
  4. Dark Avenger+Danceblader together only 180E ! PM TO ME ! Bishop+Swordsinger 120E !!
  5. Hey, do not message with this guy -- Melinusam discord -- oOOo#7226 Paypal : Alex Finchel He trying to scamm me, he send me request for payment, not the invoice and trying to make me login in my paypal and send payment to him. Be carefull guys, i already contact support to ban him. He dont even start talking with me after i said i call callcenter and know what he trying to do. he just "?" nothing more :) good answer for a man who lose 400e ;) Here getting some SS to proofs he send me link with paypal transaction, after click on it i would accept that payment request. DO NOT CLI
  6. WTS DarkAvenger 66 50%+lvl 20EURO !!! Vip 4 11k points used Bracelet of duty lvl2, AGATHION JOY PERMAMENTLY ! RunePack(7Days) ! Fruits,Clan Coins,Reward Coins Etc ! WTS 39 Dawrf Scavenger 10E Fruits,xp/sp Scrolls/hunting pack/etc VIP 4 5,5k Points Used ! IF U HAVE ANY QUESTION PM TO ME ! https://discord.gg/eeWzuMx