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  1. 😞 lordfire9000 is the name of the user please close the topic
  2. bump sold. please close the topic
  3. Hello WTB on L2DEX x50: Valakas necklace Antharas Earring Behemoth +16 TOD PM here
  4. WTS Ant Queen ring +6 on l2 dex x50 price 35E
  5. WTS Robe ultimate pack on L2DEX x50 Frintezza+5 Orfen+5 DC set +6 MW price for pack 90E bonus (weapon and jwls +6)
  6. Hello, I am selling my account on L2DE +X x50, with char full geared . A char ready to play for any needs, fun to play for any taste pvp or pve, even oly! skills 20+ enchanted JWLS : Baium +6 Frinteza +6 Zaken +6 Ant Queen +6 Orfen +5 Core +6 TTS set +6 MW other TTS +6 bracelets of Malaria , Rheumatism , FLu Soultaker (main class) AM+acumen MW +8 IS+empower MW +7 Zubei shield MW +9 (pdef foundation) DC set+6 MW AM set +6 MW some more AM +3/+4 acumen
  7. yea...srry...don;t know why i got stuck with the idea of adena...that was not the case
  8. that's why i suggested dropping the adena on the floor and pick it up. still traceable but my guess it is harder
  9. o lectura interesanta :)) nu am avut rabdare 43 de pagini. de ce a murit?