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  1. I hope this time online will be bigger than last sezon. pretty nice server gl hf
  2. 1. Full of bots with scripts ( 3 days farming 24/7) and there is 10lvl gap for PK ( botters keep chars on low lvl and you can not PK them or if you make lower lvl char) Spots for solo farm are full of bots 2. Debuff's ( Fear, Silence, Doom etc) 100% chance for 1min and more.. Server full of SH and Necro 3. Pollen ( item's for dynasty) should drop on Farm Zones with LOW chance but 3 days farm and i got 0 pollen, You can get them from RB 15% chance, anyway impossible to get them since online is low in my Time zone and in TOP prime time there is top clans etc which fights for few pollens.. - economy is totally dead. 4. Admin don't even reply on forum about bugs, problems etc. Lot of players already left. Feels bad cuz it was nice config :(
  3. I will tell my opinion about configuration. 1. I like dynasty ( and here we can change S grade for Dynasty just for look) 2. I think RaidBoss respawn time is too big. We all know there is lot of PvP near RB's and 12H window is a bit too much i think so.. I think better will be 12H respawn +4H random. 3. 2 weeks sieges are also a bit too much i think so... GL i will propably try and hope for some good online ;)
  4. @Celestine can you re upload some maps? cuz download link is out.
  5. can someone tell me what is the name of this interface or where to get it? and tell me also please this player "SA" is using what kind of software with this target =23423424564 ?
  6. hm... since nothing else will be up today propably we will give a try ;) GL
  7. Let me say somethink about this :D 1. Full of bots I've boted a lot there, my friends also and the best was when after like 1 week full PT boting our CL got banned on his main account:D simply 5min talk with GM on skype ( or it was website chat) He got unbanned :D 2. AM heads spoil, You can forget about pagan, fog lower etc ... mostly 3 AM heads per hour :D ( this is x50 server, db shaft spoil is okey) 3. Hackerinio - there was this guy who didn't like how GM's are not trusted, how they lie about " Ban Hammer" and he started to DDoS rly hard.. he ask about money ( yes i spoke with hacker ) He just want that GM's say true about their security and anty bot protection... 4. Balance was okey 5. Communitty was big before this DDoS atacks 6. Pretty worth server for 1-2 months ( if there will be online like before ;) )
  8. WTT 20Euro PSC for PAYPAL Only trusted users send me pm with your % etc.