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  1. Thank You for reply. Community of our clan members, old ones etc. we are about 250 people playing together since few years etc and some of Us decided to get fun on our own server:) it's can go public but we dont want/expect big online from "random" people. Could You link me some free (or cheap) files? Simply vps with 2 cores 4-8gb ram etc can be good at start? Fisrt 1-2 months we will only edit files etc and when everything is ready to start we can change machine for something bigger.
  2. Hello. Since our community is big, We decided to create our own L2 INTerlude server. Project start with this post. This not going to be any PRO or Moneymaking machine, but Our team is going to get some fun there. If You guys can share some informations, help Us and most important give Us some opinions will be very nice. Here are some important informations: What We need to do: Files Website Froum Machine Advertisement (not rly big since we don't expect big online) Here are some questions: L2OFF or L2J for someone with small experience in IT - wchich packs will be easier to fix, edit etc? Machine: where we can get like cheap machine for start to work with files etc? This thread will be edited with new informations as soon as We make some changes. Thanks You all for support and keep fingers crossed :)
  3. for the moment best joke in 2k19 :D 1.st simply server cost 50-100$/month 2. give better topic and better spec info 3. if you are not capable for test internet than plz stop 4. no one will go for this since you are private persone without any confidance, your electricity (shutt down etc) are not secure etc etc etc
  4. This is not rly scam. You made mistake sending wrong amount. Yes if he is good moral person he will send You back money, but He decides to not. You can only be bad for You! P.S Money change people:)
  5. WTT 20Euro PSC for PAYPAL Only trusted users send me pm with your % etc.
  6. Funny think:) Still works today on some servers:D tested on thegame and works 100%
  7. 2000? 1 Create L2 2. Copy code and make L2 private 3. Let's make money from "DONATION" 4. Let's make MONEY MAKER SERVERS 5. Let's PWNZ game 6. Interface? OK 7. BOT? OK. 2018? TOP CLANS+INTERFACE+ADRENALINE+PAID SERVERS = $$$ Enoy L2 2019 :)
  8. Let's see if it's gonna be good server for few weeks atleast:) Features looks nice, donation a little bit too OP ( but we all know top clans want fast pvp), beta was nice experience, looks like old server with good community. Hope for good start and good fun for winter time:) GL HF for all nabz:D
  9. Bugs bugs bugs, 1st of all fake online in game. When you do EXIT GAME your character stay online in game for few hours more, like this giran etc looks that there are people but in real there is 10 people:d Spots almost empty 200 real online max If you like pretty empty server and mostly only PvE than join. Nothing to do with old NoobWars
  10. L2dex x75 DB+F+6 AM+A+5 TT set+++ TODs pm for more info