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  1. I'm looking for someone to edit interface - Change some images (texture interface) - Change some Signs ( custom interface name etc) - Change some log -in screens - Change click animations Free or paid . Contact me on PM or here. Thanks
  2. Download from this forum DEADZ 2.4 interface and you make macro /useskill etc later you click right mouse on macro in macro menu and voila it is MACRO LOOP, later you get autoassist set up in your party ( there is menu just up where party members are) you choose person for MA ( Main asistser) and voila :) If you need some help watch this videos from my channel it is from interlude but almost same in H5 P.S this is in polish but for sure you can get what to do.. there is also 2nd video on my channel We are in 2020 please stop thinking that any cheat for any game can be FREE and working 100% without viruses etc.. Cheapest Adrenaline key for 1 window is 7$/month or 20$/month for multi accounts - this is not a lot money but you get FARMER ( 24/7 auto farming script with teleports/buffs/buy shots etc) Anti Captcha ( if there is on server bot will click) etc L2tower is actually dead project. 99% use Adrenaline Check my latest video description if you need more informations :)
  3. More than 300 players from Poland/Czech/Slovakia in our community! Mostly playing Interlude and Classic servers We are waitting for new sezon of l2extreme ( 15/08) Here is some small PvP movie from extreme Join us here: ( Only PL/CZ/SK)
  4. Can you explain please what is your connection to l2mafia network? Since you use same accounts on voting websites as l2mafia and can you explain what happend on AQ? Why did GM team killed AQ telling people that it was cuz drop list error?
  5. Enjoy : ) all links in description of video :)
  6. Hello. Since I stop to play L2 for some time i giveaway 15days of my key to winner. Include: -Tateosian - Full working plugin with configs to run Egg delivery and Special liquir delivery quest - Farmer - Fully working plugin for farm 24/7 ( rebuff, re-buy shots etc, back to spot etc) - Enchanter - Simply and easy to use Enchant plugin which help You fast enchant items - Assister - Very useful plugin for PvP actions - Manager - Got disconnect? No problem he wil log your char again alone :) Licence is for 1 window. How to get this key? Simply follow instructions in this shot video:
  7. Sry for bump this 1y old thopic but if you rly want something good and stable for not rly expensive money try IONOS <--- Click Here I'm there with this config, and it cost me about 50-60$ per month ( depends also on online time of my machine)
  8. Hello. We ( group of trusted people) are looking for some help about getting our OWN L2 INTERLUDE server ON. We have no money limits ( files, protection DDoS etc) 1. L2 OFF files( i think it is better than L2J for about x50-x200 rates) 2. Hosting: ( stable and good for about 500-2000 online) 3. GFX designer ( logo, website, etc) 4. We all know someting in IT etc but will apprecite in any kind of links to help [tutorials etc] 5. Advertisment for new projects ( where, when and how much $$ ) If You guys can share some info with us We will appreciete :) This is gonna be a simple server for us and some friends at the begining but since we are no money limited maybe later bigger project will come out. Thanks for help and GL HF for best old community of L2!
  9. You got more than 1 month to pen and You should propably get better account here if You want your post to be better. You are just registered user with 1 post means no one rly gonna trust Your server... Delete this flash snow on Your wesbite please... We are no more in 2000 :) I think there is too much text to read ( Try to edit and give some short but better info about your customizations etc) Looks promising We will see how this project will develop in futhure
  10. Thank You sir. Help a lot ;) good to have people like you here :)
  11. What can i edit with this? do i need any compilator after? or simple edit and save? is it for client or server development?