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  1. L2dex x75 DB+F+6 AM+A+5 TT set+++ TODs pm for more info
  2. just finish with this project.. go to cementary with this please...
  3. played few times 1. ZERG clan 2. Full Adrenaline with 30 min BAN 3. Big online 4. after 2 weeks nothing to do totally..
  4. Ok let's say some thinks:) 1. Admins are very active and they are everywhere to help You ( in game, forum. discord etc) 2. Online is like it is not too big with fake bots in towns etc and i tell You why: *** L2Adrenaline NOT WORKING trust me even if it is for 10s later you just get kicked:) *** No stupid INTERFACES with auto-farm, anty-agression etc etc NOT EVEN PAID ONES!! People are crying sometimes that server need more people online and they are leaving, next guy will say same think and he gonna leave, im spending lot of time in Giran etc in my Clan i got each day new people from my country + lot of Academy members, each day people are comming to server. Yes some people left or didnt even join cuz of adrenaline and interfaces but i think that it is even better:) I prefer 3 PT vs 3 PT without bots etc than 10 PT vs 10PT full on adrenaline and interface:) ( i will not even talk about dualboxes) 3. It is x75 even if this let's say TOP CLANS leave there's gonna be other comming up and you can farm fast :) 4. About corruption. 5 days after start there was all people in B grade. Mammon's were off and most of Us was ready to craft S grade, Admins posted on discord and forum that they gonna add mammon to GM SHOP before friday but with 1x4 exchange rate, Even after this the only think what you saw mostly in giran was A grade set with B grade weapon... Today i think most of people have this s grade, there is hard to get stage gr13 but it is possible :) From my side i din't saw ANY PROOF ABOUT CORRUPTION! everything seems good so far. 5. The problem about online was also 2 clans who were like ZERG pk everyone everywhere etc and people just decide to leave... 6. Economy. Hm.. here is little bit tricky:) If You want to start learning how to earn some money (adena), buy stuff cheaper, make your own EBAY of mats etc THIS IS PERFECT FOR YOU! Why? there are people buying and selling but since everything is made by hands not by bot's prices are good and mat's or key mats are rly good think to start with :) If You think about getting 20,000 Enria or DMP from bot and sell it to buy you full EQ than just forget about this.... 7. People. 1st of all 2 russian clans but 99% members of them are good people:), There is also FEW ENG( International) clans and since few days there are some good allies :) ( you can check website with stats) Community is good, not rly toxic etc 8. Moneymakers= They try They try They try but they left since adrenaline is not working they can not farm buy COL and sell it on Black Market:) 9. Bugs. Yes there is few of them but every server have... Let them time, tell about bugs etc. My general opinion = Worth to play and even stay for longer if You like chill and friendly atmosphere:)