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  1. than why you send me a Private MSG with this words?
  2. You'r trash ... you just use people login details to log in on pandora and take items.... and you are so much idiot rly bro
  3. Hahaha nice bait l2arena admins... This is video from they gay who got all items stolen by l2arena admins.... This is not exposed video and admin know he is streaming. last days few people got all items stolen and admin just give it back from logs. nice try idiots
  4. From my opinion. Server L2pandora ( looks like same admins lionna arion etc) is full of people everywhere. There is no zergs lot of clans and you can find pvp 5v5 20v20 etc Donation is too high p2w and free gifts for streamers etc also sucks. There are people using bot for afk farm Damage is like WTF ( too much 0 dmg ex. OL 79 vs necro 82 83 i hit for 300 when i get crits 6k) archer 78 soul bow +pl set vs OL 9500 dmg) Necro can summon his pet all thé Time and he is full buff.... DM évent sucks cuz clans playing together like on TvT Admins announced Facebook évent but never gave reward( for them not inafe participants) But plus is lot of players rb fights dont know about bugs but seems okey. Atm Can not find other classic servers which Can be better... I play this game like 15y almost and this L2pandora looks rly nice atm not like dream, neo,blaze, damage, e-global etc... //Sry for bad post quality but I'm using phone... Can someone provide me all servers from them? And tell more about? Thx
  5. I'm playing there and i know how much poeple play. You are forum troll who didn't connect to server even once and You try to yell people how much players online? pathetic.
  6. Here is some PvpRB movie from 1st day of server :) Enjoy
  7. Go troll other topic kiddo. Literally EVERY spot in cruma, dragon valley, AB, TOI ( from 1-14) etc BUSY! with partie's etc) almost each RB 40-80 have PvP, what the hell you talk about 600 online.. We are playing like 50 people and there is 2 sides bigger than Us... and thons of small clans... There is actually 102 clans: http://prntscr.com/olvy3h http://prntscr.com/olvylp 350+ pvp on top 1 char after 3 days with 600 online?:D http://prntscr.com/olvz21 This is GIRAN at the WORST hour online.. ( it is 11:00 AM GMT+2) http://prntscr.com/olw0pg And Soon ( in few hours) video from some PvP's etc will be on my YT channel where You can see how much people are fighting everyday :) P.S about Your rate's from start 20:00 till 01:00 we got 74 lvl without problems ( in 5h we got 74 lvl and i think it is okey...)
  8. Join server go to any spot! from 20-80 lvl.. everywhere people farming.. lot of bans for scripts/adre etc rly nice server. You can also check my last YouTube video :)
  9. Big online. most of spots busy Crumam Toi etc. Pretty good server i can say. They got DDosed at the beggining but after like 40 min they fix it. There are GM's baning/jail bots. not bad rly