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  1. Sry for bump this 1y old thopic but if you rly want something good and stable for not rly expensive money try IONOS <--- Click Here I'm there with this config, and it cost me about 50-60$ per month ( depends also on online time of my machine)
  2. Hello. We ( group of trusted people) are looking for some help about getting our OWN L2 INTERLUDE server ON. We have no money limits ( files, protection DDoS etc) 1. L2 OFF files( i think it is better than L2J for about x50-x200 rates) 2. Hosting: ( stable and good for about 500-2000 online) 3. GFX designer ( logo, website, etc) 4. We all know someting in IT etc but will apprecite in any kind of links to help [tutorials etc] 5. Advertisment for new projects ( where, when and how much $$ ) If You guys can share some info with us We will appreciete :) This is gonna be a simple server for us and some friends at the begining but since we are no money limited maybe later bigger project will come out. Thanks for help and GL HF for best old community of L2!
  3. You got more than 1 month to pen and You should propably get better account here if You want your post to be better. You are just registered user with 1 post means no one rly gonna trust Your server... Delete this flash snow on Your wesbite please... We are no more in 2000 :) I think there is too much text to read ( Try to edit and give some short but better info about your customizations etc) Looks promising We will see how this project will develop in futhure
  4. Thank You sir. Help a lot ;) good to have people like you here :)
  5. What can i edit with this? do i need any compilator after? or simple edit and save? is it for client or server development?
  6. Hello. I;m looking for any good program to edit system messages in L2 Interlude. I ean i want to translate some messages from russian to eng/pl like ( You did xxx damage, You have earned xxx adena etc). If im not wrong it should be file systemmsg-e but which program will be the best to open edit and save it. Thanks for any help
  7. Do not join! Unbalanced totally.. Online max 100 players... Full donate ( almost impossible to do EQ++ with normal farm) you need to donate to buy EQ ++ or enjoy your low ++ eq... buffer schemes not working good Lags on PvP zones ( almost all players not only me) Casting speed on bishop is changed ( Cleanse is 10x time faster than battle heal ) It is mostly 2 hit and die Worst pvp i ever play since long time.
  8. Our CP going there for sure... last time it was nice game ;)
  9. Why you again make drama on forum? can not you just speak on PRIVATE MSG? no you need to put your problems public? guys c mon your more than 18 i think so and you playing child games? eh..
  10. Hello. I'm looking for interface which can work on L2WARLAND x12 comming soon. When i try to use some patches im getting kicked after few seconds in game... Standard interface if anyone have ( wh, auto enchant, toggle skills noblesse etc) Thank you and have a nice day!
  11. than why you send me a Private MSG with this words?
  12. You'r trash ... you just use people login details to log in on pandora and take items.... and you are so much idiot rly bro
  13. Hahaha nice bait l2arena admins... This is video from they gay who got all items stolen by l2arena admins.... This is not exposed video and admin know he is streaming. last days few people got all items stolen and admin just give it back from logs. nice try idiots