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  1. New changes: Apart from minor fixes, original C1 bug with enchant duping has been fixed in CacheD. Also, the size of QuestCompiler.exe is reduced significantly (400kb now)
  2. Hello, I've started restoring C1 server 2 years ago, 11.2016. Now a lot of has been done, and I'm publishing C1 services and some tools 1. L2AuthD 2. L2LogD 3. CacheD 4. L2NPC, is fully compatible with C1 L2Server 5. NASC • Actually, the first known C1 AI Script compiler. Previous was C0 + binary patches (by kvoxi and others). Just works, has some fixes, which C0 doesn't •pass --extmode to use some extra AIS variables (which are used in SINA PP scripts) 6. QuestCompiler (known from C0 as QuestDataChecker.exe) • Actually, the first known C1 AI Quest Compiler • Original bug, which didn't allow to write huge quests (like Coins of Magic) is fixed 7. PetitionD • This one is still from C0. I haven't ported it to C1 yet 8. L2Server To be done in September 2019 9. LCC (Lineage Compiler Collection) - one tool to compile all *pch To be done 10. MacroPreprocessor To be done Feel free to test it, I will try to fix all bugs (both, origin and my one) I would like to say help for other contributors: @smeli for helping with porting AuthD to support C1-C4, C6 client protocols with extenders (based on C1, like SINA) @lordofdest for porting numerous of CacheD packeet handlers @Renege for porting all admin packets, BBS packets @Pulentolento for support on CacheD admin packet handlers @MimisK for testing L2NPC and CacheD @zconll for extensive testing of NASC and reporting all possible bugs
  3. You are in section [L2OFF]... Are you looking for the extender sources? Or for the datapack Check this one
  4. Don't worry, those who contribute to my "private" project, receive back those "knowledge". BTW, topic might be resolved, looks like PP Retail C4 files are original. Tnx to @zconll and @Jamba
  5. C4 was my goal too, since I would like to open server C1 -> C2 -> C3 -> C4 -> C5 -> C6, and provide new content each 2 weeks or 2 months (for later chronicles) There are a lot of extenders, based on C4. I explained many times, that path "decompile easiest parts C1 -> complex parts C1 -> use them as a base to decompile C4" is much more efficient, then decompiling C4 from scratch.
  6. Hello, As a part of C1 decompilation project, I'm starting decompiling C4. Having source codes for all (except L2Server.exe) parts, C4 reverse should go 5x times faster. But I can't find clean C4 PTS files. Every share has some modifications, in binaries as well. I mean, it's even not clear some times, whether binaries were "extended" or not - licenses somewhere disabled, etc. If you 99% sure you have clean leaked C4 pack - please, PM me, or post it here