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  1. I didn't say anything about GF. C1/C4 don't use Global namespace. Here is shared memory names from C4.
  2. That is the key. It works for different users (windows sessions), because NCSoft didn't use global names for shared memory (they didn't use Global\). So, all depends on privileges and OS settings.
  3. You need to use python 2.7, and looks like you are using python 3.+
  4. Today we migrated to real C3 client :) Join guys, to feel history again.
  5. Yes, all changes in google drive. Recent update - water zones are finally completed. As you might know, original C1 didn't have water zones for rivers and lakes, only for sea shores. Here, I added water levels for all water areas. Now you will see breath bar on every river or lake on the continent :) Last thing which is left - Vehicles (Ship from Talking Island). I'm very busy with C2 now (it's almost completed), but I think, till the end of this year I will release C1 with Vehicles. BTW, sieges work quite fine, and were tested during few months.
  6. Here is the list of NPC AI C4 functions on each class: https://pastebin.com/EA42BDnG
  7. Aden siege. 420 online that evening. Join server guys!
  8. Oren, the hardest siege on ElmoreLab! Castle was take on last seconds of the siege Online is slowly growing, we had 320+ on last siege. Join old-school server, guys!
  9. Guys, yesterday we had siege on Live server! 60x60 players were fighting for the Giran! Join the server, a lot of new players came recently there
  10. Guys, sieges are finally completed! It was hard work, we did a lot of testing together with @zconll, and yesterday we had siege on Live server! 60x60 players were fighting for the Giran! Soon, full C1 binaries with all fixes will be completed and shared, because sieges and castles were the major part.
  11. Why do you keep lying man? I mean, what's wrong? Give us some proofs of "virtualization". IDA doesn't open this exe? Or what? I opened my L2Server.exe file in IDA 6.8 - ALL is visible there. Main (0x00449250): All strings and packet formats: So where is the "virtualization"? Really, those ppl should be banned for false topics.
  12. There is a big progress to c2: almost all skills, dyes, full craft book, offline shop restoration, first siege for CH, macroses, recommendations, and more more other! Join guys, this is really a museum project, and it's totally free and no p2w.
  13. You have problem with IP/port. Maybe your friends are in same network.