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  1. Usersockets - you are absolutely right here. L2Server (c1 and c4) doesn't always release sockets. Easiest way to do it - send CharacterSelect two times (ofc you need some booting tool here). Server will kick such a user, but socket will never be released. It's the only one of example. So some-one might just send those 2 CharacterSelect packets even with a good delay to avoid DDoS protection, but still might cause thousands of leaked sockets just in few hours (each socket instance occupies OS IO resoures). Why would some-one send this packet many times? First - to harm your server (memory/OS handlers leaks). Second - this is a popular trick to character dupe. Some-one might try to dupe character. Even if you have dupe-protection, socket still will be leaked
  2. Hi, @pada I have tried to build only C1 geodata.
  3. Are you high? It's some random trash from PP extenders and L2Filter.exe app.
  4. that's weird, man. Keep us updated. Here is one more thread on Ru forum about warnings from INNOVA :(
  5. GF/GF-H5 compatible version is added. This version generates indexes with x_26 support, therefore is not compatible with C0-C6 L2Servers. MD5 of 77 zones are the same, as from original PathMaker64.exe panthode.bin MD5 6e f4 cb 8d 34 c1 85 36 42 d3 00 1d ae ae 88 11 pathnode.idx MD5 f8 2c f7 6c 9f 0b bc 69 2f 23 18 f7 e3 73 93 08
  6. Hello, Finally I crashed PathMaker algo, and managed to reconstruct it. I checked files, produced by leaked C4 PathMaker.exe, they are the same as chechsums of files, produced by my PathMaker (77 zones): panthode.bin MD5 6e f4 cb 8d 34 c1 85 36 42 d3 00 1d ae ae 88 11 pathnode.idx MD5 d5 fe 45 50 d2 bd ad 25 e8 ed ef 6c 86 de 0e 31 So, this PathMaker is 100% compatible with C4 This time I also share algo overview together with PathMaker tool itself: For those of you, who knows geodata format, this description should be enough. At run-time, L2Server uses A-* pathfinding algo in order to navigate from point A to point B, using PathNodes and links between them in order to bypass obstacles. Detailed description of algo might be found here, unfortunately I don't have time to translate it to English.
  7. Looks like it's a @smeli extender, not mine. You should ask him directly. It's about 65% completed only, work is on progress. But testers are welcome (you will receive all updates + fixes + x64 release versions, which won't be shared to public). Send me your skype in PM
  8. Just add those custom functions as "func_26863220" into data/, and later on either skip them or figure out what they are needed for. Probably they are for Advext customs, so might be removed from decompiled code
  9. Hello, I've finally completed L2OFF C1 Script Data pack. It contains original CHN C1 script files, splitted by entities, plus build system, which allows to integrate it to any IDE, which supports CMake files. Files are kept in UTF-8 encoding, which allows to have nice history view in git. This IDE gives you: File fuzzy search Syntax hightlighting Code block folding UTF8 to UTF16 encoding AI merging + compilation File merging PCH compilation Next steps Syntax hightlighting for all scripts, not AI only Extracting quests from AI scritps into separate questdata More precise file separation (e.g. separating weapons and armors by types, spell-boocks by chants/books/blueprints, etc) C4+ support This script pack is fully compaible with my L2OFF C1 Server pack
  10. PM me your skype @guytis, stop crying here. I'm continue sharing all fixes, please, check the link from the very first post. A lot of fixes and improvements were shared for CacheD, L2NPC (some C2), NASC, L2AuthD.
  11. If he only would know it :D (exp loss depends on shieldDefenceRate? something new). But you are right about v14 - is "killedInDuel", v16 - is "arenaZones". As I wrote in first post, 1/4 exp loss is for PvP (including sieges). In C4 the same, as in C1. If you have some issues with exp loss on 10th level - do math itself using exp tables from C4 and provided formulas. I got about 8% for 10 lvl BTW: go to MMO-dev russian forum, there are plenty of decompiled code
  12. So, as expected - raw penalty formula in C4 is the same as in C1. Trick is, that calculated by GetExpDiePenalty() value is modified later on, taking into account other factors (it's only pve/pvp factors in C1, in C4 might be more)