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  1. Hi all. As I promised, I've returned. A lot of L2CacheD infrastructure code has been revealed and published. Main thing left - model-specific code, which contains logic, and L2CacheD <-> L2Server packet handling. As some of you might now, there are about 220 packets in L2CacheD : Server protocol. But the good thing is, that 59 of them (almost 1/3) doesn't need any complex logic to decompile. For exaplme, packet with Id=128: // ADDRESS (0x004365F0) bool __cdecl packet128_RequestDeleteCropData(CIOSocket *pSocket, const uint8_t *packet) { guard(L"static bool RequestDeleteCropData(CSocket* pSocket, const unsigned char* packet)", L"static bool RequestDeleteCropData(CSocket* pSocket, const unsigned char* packet) (exit)", L"Socket.cpp", 8042); PacketUtils::Disassemble(packet, "dd", &v4, &v6); DBConn sql; sql.Execute(off_4F0B58, v4, v6); unguard(); return false; } As you can see, it's very simple - read 2 ints from packet, and execute some SQL query. All is needed to commit file - manual clean up (it's done in the snippet above), variable renames (might be taken from SQL query itself), etc. For sure not a rocket since. So, I'm looking for people, who want to help and contribute to this project (all sources are available, link in the first post), by decompiling very easy packets (while I'm doing more dirty job). You can check all packets here. Right now there are only stubs, no real logic inside. Contact me, I'll send you details.
  2. Hi, I repeat answer to those, who PMed me as well: I didnt abandoned decompilation, just was on summer holiday, and going to publish new code on butbucket in a few weeks.