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  1. Just finished porting L2Auth for x64. Job was tricky, but it works! LogD and L2CacheD x64 porting is coming soon. Next step - cross-platform build, to be able to run on Linux. It means - cheaper hosting, more powerful server administration tools and more resources available for L2 server! Meanwhile, there is parallel activities on decompilation L2Server and L2NPC server. We still need contributors for porting Windows IO Completion Ports to boost::asio. If you are skilled enough, just PM me, and when task is done, you will have access to our repo with all WORKING source codes, 100% original (legacy branch) and modified (other branches)
  2. - Original bug in C1 binaries, that led to deadlocks !!! deadlock or super-lag detected!!! !!! deadlock or super-lag detected!!! has been fixed - AuthD is fixed to work with original clean L2 C1 client - CacheD model is completed - admin handlers are almost completed - server handlers are almost done (60 left out of 220) In order to get access to latest code snapshot, you can help us with CacheD testing. I will send you our binaries, you have to find bugs which are not present in original CacheD, if we will be able to reproduce it, I will share you latest snapshot
  3. yes, it's been closed. As I wrote during last year, when CacheD is compleded, I would close it, and only those, who contributed, would get the access to the code.
  4. Hi all! Great news! 84 packet handlers out of 220 were revealed by lordofdest. This allowed us to enter the game with decompiled CacheD! I'm still working with WareHouse methods, but from now, CacheD can be tested and used with original L2Off server.
  5. Hi, Small report. Only 6 methods left in CWareHouse (but huge enought, each took me about 4 days to decompile). Today I've decompiled 17 packet handlers from CacheD packet027_RequestLoadPledge packet034_RequestLoadAllCastleData packet035_RequestLoadAgit packet074_RequestSetPledgeInfo packet082_RequestLoadDismissReservedPledge packet105_RequestLoadDoor packet107_RequestSaveDoorStatus packet131_RequestGetContributionRelatedPledge packet172_RequestGetDbRelatedCounts packet173_RequestLoadAllPledgeWar packet192_RequestSetNextCastleSiege packet196_RequestLoadCastleGuard packet197_RequestLoadAgitBid packet198_RequestLoadControlTower packet213_RequestLoadIntervalAnnounce packet218_RequestLoadLastResidenceTax Those ones are sent from L2Server.exe during startup. Now original C1 L2Server.exe successfully connects with decompiled CacheD. So, basically, only packet handlers left. I'm still doing all the stuff alone, but packet handlers are extremely easy. I've did 17 of them just in 3 hours. If you know C++-like language, you are welcome to contribute!