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  1. Yes, all changes in google drive. Recent update - water zones are finally completed. As you might know, original C1 didn't have water zones for rivers and lakes, only for sea shores. Here, I added water levels for all water areas. Now you will see breath bar on every river or lake on the continent :) Last thing which is left - Vehicles (Ship from Talking Island). I'm very busy with C2 now (it's almost completed), but I think, till the end of this year I will release C1 with Vehicles. BTW, sieges work quite fine, and were tested during few months.
  2. Here is the list of NPC AI C4 functions on each class:
  3. Aden siege. 420 online that evening. Join server guys!
  4. Oren, the hardest siege on ElmoreLab! Castle was take on last seconds of the siege Online is slowly growing, we had 320+ on last siege. Join old-school server, guys!
  5. Guys, yesterday we had siege on Live server! 60x60 players were fighting for the Giran! Join the server, a lot of new players came recently there
  6. Guys, sieges are finally completed! It was hard work, we did a lot of testing together with @zconll, and yesterday we had siege on Live server! 60x60 players were fighting for the Giran! Soon, full C1 binaries with all fixes will be completed and shared, because sieges and castles were the major part.
  7. Why do you keep lying man? I mean, what's wrong? Give us some proofs of "virtualization". IDA doesn't open this exe? Or what? I opened my L2Server.exe file in IDA 6.8 - ALL is visible there. Main (0x00449250): All strings and packet formats: So where is the "virtualization"? Really, those ppl should be banned for false topics.
  8. There is a big progress to c2: almost all skills, dyes, full craft book, offline shop restoration, first siege for CH, macroses, recommendations, and more more other! Join guys, this is really a museum project, and it's totally free and no p2w.
  9. You have problem with IP/port. Maybe your friends are in same network.
  10. I didn't do any virtualization. Why did u decided at all? Did u open it in IDA? I do it when I have crashes :D I just compiled it with regular MSVC 2019 compiler. If you are wondering, why binary size is bigger, it's because I use breakpad crash-dump library (which is used for google chrome and other popular software) to get better crash-dump diagnostic instead of poor NCSoft's LinError.txt.
  11. I'm restoring it to preserve part of history. This is a "museum" project. It was hardly possible to extend original C1, and extenders were done to fix bugs (I fixed all known and will continue) or to add new functionality (my C2 is on 60% done - so no need to extend it). This project is for those ppl, who occasionally want to run c1 and get nostalgia. All my binaries are 100% compatible with all original binaries, C1 client and scripts, they have only extra fixes of all known exploits and bugs. Btw, tnx for bumping. Clan halls are completed now (auctions, decors, sieges for partisan CH). I'm working on C2 for the last two months, but C1 still will be 100% completed till the end of this year. What is not ready yet • Swimming • Sieges • Castles • BBS • Vechicles • Not all GM commands
  12. Hello, every one. C1 L2Server reconstruction is 92% completed. Also, I started live server to ensure, that all is working. You can check bug-list section on forum :) As usual, C1 pack is available for now for testing. It has optionals: auto-ss, anti-bot CAPTCHA, offline shop. What is not ready yet • Swimming • Clan halls • Ally wars • Sieges • Castles • BBS • Vechicles • Not all GM commands All other features work as expected, a lot of original bugs are fixed Rewards: as a tester, you will have access to x64 binaries, as a good contributor, you will have access to C2 binaries, which I already have :) (no scripts provided, thought). You can see С2 progress on forum. Don't spam, if you are not interested - this is for truly fans only. I don't do any profit of it.
  13. Dear Players, After 9 months of open-beta testing, we opened long-waiting Low-Rate ElmoreLab project. Server opened 7 of March, on C1, but 2 months later, 8 of May, we migrated to Chronicles 2. We fixed all bugs and all known C1 exploits (including html exploits, demon set, and so on). This is not just C1 - we will gradually add support for C2 client, then one by one features from C2 (including craft book, tatto and so on), and C2 content. In our plans we will fully migrate to PTS C2 in 3 months without wipes. Then, same way for C3 in 9-12 months. So you can feel C1-C2-C3 journey once more! Check main features: Who we are: we are the team, who have many years of L2 PTS experience as server administration and development. We know almost everything - all bugs, all exploits, all scripts and content. We are working on C1/C2/C3 restoration since 05.2016, and now we think we did the best :) This is free, slow vanila server. No rush, no wipes, no donations (apart from 2nd class transfer), no customs (apart from offline shop and small vote rewards). Check our C2 progress And our database Server has optional auto-SS. All extra commands are available via .menu, including online. We are doing it just for funs like us. Welcome, guys!