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  1. could you upload the file again? d3ddrv.dll
  2. //summonnpc id npc_pch.txt or //summonnpc name npcdata.txt
  3. and it's nice to have people who can teach others how to have a professional server these days, where servers do not exceed 90 days Deserves to be Fixed this topic
  4. use as base the transformation of the Akamanah
  5. this kid sells "l2off assembly course by facebook" with leaked vang files, promising the sky and the earth, and charging absurd.
  6. To my view the library License.h and License.cpp are just to make the product activation key request a "Backdoor" by removing it in na pi, but asks for a license generated with KeyGenerator.exe, just and does not expire. and all the custons work for me, PINkey, Pvp / pk Announce, Npc Maker, among others that asked for License.h
  7. Finished 100% functionaly 15 days online , no Crash
  8. could you share the License.cpp file and the License.h file? in pm