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  1. Hi guys, Can anyone tell me what can I do when players using teleportation consume a custom item instead of adena? I just try to modify normal teleport in ai.obj but nothing. Thanks..I'm using l2 off C4
  2. That's a great idea but only a thing, how can I make the invisible npc? And how the player can talk with this invisible npc?
  3. I need connect the ai into a item with htm, but I realize it just the l2server get an error and it is invalid talkertarget Sorry for my bad English. I would like to do the wyvern for the players since the wyvern is only for the lords of the castles, I put an object directly connected with an htm previously connected to an npc, but when I open the object with this htm it tells me that the target is 'invalid on l2server. i know that this htm is linked to ai.obj and therefore a target is needed.
  4. Hi guys, Can an item in the bag can target the player when open the htm?
  5. yep i just copy another htm files, i think all do thats xD
  6. if you htm name is server_manager.htm is ok *on pos too
  7. Now it s ok just put on npcdata fnHi Server_Mager and no pos too And let me now xD
  8. territory_begin [giran11_npc2222_tk01] {{83260;147804;-3457;-3257};{83460;147804;-3457;-3257};{83460;148004;-3457;-3257};{83260;148004;-3457;-3257}} territory_end npc_begin [__emilia] pos={83087;148388;-3464;0} total=1 respawn=1min npc_end npc_begin [__emilia] pos={83277;147917;-3400;0} total=1 respawn=1min npc_end class 0 buffer : citizen you have this wrong too If you called ai buffer you need put all named buffer on ai npcdata and npcpos ai youn cant name on ai buffer and name server_manager...... You need put only one same name....
  9. Have you see what is going wrong?? You put on ai fnHi Buffernpc_001.htm and on your npc you put fnHi = server_manager.htm lol man
  10. Man... go in npcdata.txt and go to on the npc where you want put the ai .... and search npc_ai={[yourainameforbuffer]};{[fnHi]=[yourhtm.htm]};{[MoveAroundSocia ect.....]} npc_begin merchant 7100 [__emilia] level=70 acquire_exp_rate=0 acquire_sp=0 unsowing=1 clan={} ignore_clan_list={} clan_help_range=300 slot_chest=[] slot_rhand=[] slot_lhand=[] shield_defense_rate=0 shield_defense=0 skill_list={@s_race_undead;@s_full_magic_defence} npc_ai={[npc_buffer];{[fnHi]=[npc_buffer_main.htm]};{[MoveAroundSocial]=0};{[MoveAroundSocial1]=0};{[MoveAroundSocial2]=0}} category={} race=human sex=female und