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  1. L2Tales IL Features page, quests sections: RaidFight Features page, quests sections: On RF Dangerous Seduction is not capped and Hot Springs quests are from 68, not Lv 76 xD They didn't even change the page. The same on RB respawn times
  2. I did, but I only get Clarity with debuff animation, but placed as a normal buff, not debuff
  3. Hi. I want this on my Interlude client: I have got set Clarity and Noblesse as debuff, but only with the animation. I want to shot them on the debuff bar, like the image. What must I edit on skillgrp.dat?
  4. Can you set highlighted Clarity on party buffs? Like Empo or WW @Celestine
  5. Ey! Can you check my script? Its for Beast Farm. I had to use it because bot can't use items in this server, so I had to use with engine.usekey. procedure SpoilThread(); var spoil: TL2Skill; mob: TL2Npc; point: TXYZ; begin while Delay(500) do begin if (Engine.Status = lsOnline) and SkillList.ByID(254, spoil) then begin if (User.Target.ID = (21488) or User.Target.ID = (21487)) then begin NpcList.ByID(User.Target.ID, mob); if not mob.sweepable and (spoil.endtime = 0) then begin engine.useskill(254); end; Engine.Attack; end; if not (User.Target.ID = (21488) or User.Target.ID = (21487)) then begin engine.usekey('F12'); end; end; end; I only want to spoil Alpen Buffalos (x4) to get DC Helmet Recipe. I'll use target filter from bot, to target only baby Alpen Buffalos. Say me if I'm wrong with something. Thanks!
  6. This char lvled up till Lv.12 in auto. I didn't target any mob or use any skill. Anyway, I will not play here, so this afternoon I can make a video botting for you
  7. Is the standard bot, bought from Daniel
  8. Proofs sent Bot working. At least official keys (paid version), for Faken's you must pay 25$ extra, it means a "premium" key. Edit: Celestine requests to post here the proof, but censored. She/He has the uncensored:
  9. Bot working with standard Adrenaline.
  10. I made a char for PK. But its impossible to find people under Lv 70. First server that I play where Sillent Valley is empty