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  1. - No Custom But you can read above... . Jewels S : Buy With Custom Craft + Adena . Isos Commands : Type .menu to acess custom commands . Sub Class : Free . Nobless : Retail Quest + Custom Nobless ( Killing a custom raid boss) . Enchant System : Safe + 3 | Max Weapon : +16 / Max Armor : + 8 / Enchant Rate : 50%
  2. Project abandoned on the 2nd day. GMs ignored bug reports, problems and suggestions for 36h+. And no real online counter on website. x4 multiplier
  3. You took the web from official site and it is obvious where you changed xDD
  4. El server ya desde su inicio ha sido una cagada. No hay GM-Shop (cuando aquí dice que sí hay) Las caracteristicas necesitan de GK Global y no la hay Hay muy poca gente para lo que un H5 necesita Learn skill en un x15 fullbuff? LOL Sin autopickup (a lo mejor se puede poner, pero a saber, porque no hay información de cómo se saca el panel de control) El Shop que hay el 90% de la opciones son de donación y es poco intuitivo Mi consejo es que cerréis el server y abráis uno de Craft-PvP (como todos ahora) o lo hagais en plan low, pero esta mezcla rara que habéis hecho no, porque no lo va a jugar nadie. Saludos @GxScarlet
  5. I hate it for his visiual skin, not for his stats.
  6. 230 online yesterday on prime time. With no box-limit
  7. Dude, I play for PvP. With 100 online will not be any PvP
  8. Box limit? REAL online players?
  9. Stop use Adrenaline. All Mordor forum blaming you and you evading blaming others
  10. Both we know that 632 players is not the real number. It is inflated like all server that use your L2J datapack. 1400 chars with 600 online record? No fucking sense. You have 100-150 online for sure. You are right, I am who was shouting. It is because there is not commerce, 2 trade shouts in 15 minutes I was online. Only 3 pages on auctioner (90% from offline private shops) with Moirai shit as higher grade, nothing Vesper+ or enchants/element. Only 10-15 shops with 3 crafters. Fail server, sorry, but its a trully review
  11. I installed the font inside system folder and my font still so big. Any help?