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  1. WE selling chars at grand elmore 80+ (wc 82 - bp 81 - sws 81 - bd 81 - dagger 80) 1 DAGGER CHAR SOLD dynasty light set SOLD dynasty heavy set dynasty robe set dynasty dagger-fist-two handed sword (DAGGER SOLD) 9K ELMORE COINS
  2. WTS CHARS (without e-mail) SPoiler 67 DESTRO 70+ WL 70+ EE 70+ WC 70+ BISHOP 70+------SOLD GK 70+ BD 70 SWS 70 ITEMS TALLUM HEAVY SET (1 of 3 sets has sold) TALLUM ROBE SET (1 of 2 sets has sold) BW HEAVY SET BW ROBE SET DOOM HEAVY SET HALBERD HASTE ADENA 200kk stock