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Character Name: Aryathing

Class: Othell Rogue(95LVL)

Dualclass: Iss Enchanter(85LVL)

Subclass: Phantom Ranger(64LVL)

Status: Noblesse

Talismán: Anihilation(yellow talismán)

Ítems On INV: Set Twilight+3(Boots and Gaunts+5)Zaken Earring And Frintezza's Necklace

Ítems On Warehouse: 180kk Adenas,Amount of EXP Runes,Assasin Suit Set and parts,Stones for Spawn RB'S with drop(85 and 93 lvl)Enchants,Immortal Scrolls and Much more

Skype And Mail to Contact with me:   GoodInterludeLineage2@outlook.es


Price: 75Euros ,Payment Paypal

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