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Found 21 results

  1. | SELL ADENA & POWERLEVEL | SERVER GIRAN ADEN L2 CLASSIC NA | | LOW price Adena from farmer | INSTANT DELIVERY | SINCE 2014 | ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚| WELCOME TO ALICE STORE | ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ ¤ Check out my store on PlayerAuctions =͟͟͞͞( ✌°∀° )☛ https://store.playerauctions.com/alicewu/ ¤ My Discord: AliceWu#1416 ,OR my PA: https://store.playerauctions.com/alicewu/ (fastest support) ¤ No worries when trading with me. Why? 1. We can use middle-man service website. We always guarantee Delivery within 20 minutes after payment is successfully verified, or money-back. 2. 100% High & Good reputation: EpicNPC Verified Merchant & PlayerAuctions Legendary Seller with 1100 successful orders and 99.5% positive feedback. 3. Always cheap price because I'm not a reseller. ¤ Delivery via: Face-to-face (discuss details in private plz). After trade's done, please give feedback if you like my service. ¤ PowerLevel is coming soon! (You will just sit and leech xp starting from lv.4x. Right now I'm trying to make the fastest party and calculating exp amount and prices! Add my Discord to update news.) | CONTACT ME TO MAKE A GOOD DEAL. THANKS. | (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪
  2. Price 3.2 euro for 100kk, now have 2.3 billion in stock. Paypal gift only. Pm here ot skype: tekion4o. SOLD!
  3. Hi, im selling adena on 4game Ramona 1b = 22 USD / 19 EUR pm me
  4. Othel 100 lvl,dual wynn 95 items:soul queen ant,tezza neck,eternal light set for info add me skype:giannaros43
  5. Yo! WTS SIGEL EVAS TEMPLAR lvl 100 30%++ / DUAL CLASS WYNN 99+ EQ: - brooch 5 slot with ruby 2 / obsidian 3 / pearl 3 / Tanzanite 3 / diamond 3 / garnet 3 - enchanted skills - PA for 6 days - shadow retri +4 - done exalted 1,2 started exalted 3, done q for party nobl - talisman annihilation - TWO other char 85+ on ACC for Farm -> Zaken/Freya - 18k PA points + - agathion zodiac pack 15 day - rare accesorry box (7 day) x4 - 850+ raid points - belt from GAP [30 day quest] PRICE: 60€ for all Pm me on forum :]
  6. Selling Adena Lineage 2 RU/EU/NA Main and classic servers and most of freeshards For buyers - Low prices for adena and Coin of luch cheaper then donate. - We deliver any volume of game currency within 3-15 minutes - Maximum currency transfer security - Discounts for new customers and cumulative bonuses for regular customers We also invite suppliers to cooperate 8 years of work in the online games market, 220+ reviews on TrusPilot, 5000+ from facebook and other social medias on our site Our contactacts Website BenderMoney.com Telegram BenderMoney Discord BenderMoney#7130 Skype BenderSupport Viber 79535046539
  7. hello, im selling 89lvl tyrr dreadnought the char is naked and w.o subs (used it for farming adena at pavels) price for this 10euro. for more infos pm me here on forum to give you my skype, thx.
  8. Character Name: Aryathing Class: Othell Rogue(95LVL) Dualclass: Iss Enchanter(85LVL) Subclass: Phantom Ranger(64LVL) Status: Noblesse Talismán: Anihilation(yellow talismán) Ítems On INV: Set Twilight+3(Boots and Gaunts+5)Zaken Earring And Frintezza's Necklace Ítems On Warehouse: 180kk Adenas,Amount of EXP Runes,Assasin Suit Set and parts,Stones for Spawn RB'S with drop(85 and 93 lvl)Enchants,Immortal Scrolls and Much more Skype And Mail to Contact with me: GoodInterludeLineage2@outlook.es Price: 75Euros ,Payment Paypal
  9. 3 Months of PA Attack Skills +7 and +10 on Feoh Saphire Lv4/ Ruby Lv3/ Amethyst Lv3/ Diamond Lv3/ Opal Lv3/ Obsdian Lv3/ Garnet Lv3 La Vie En Rose's Radiant Brooch (5 Slots) Shinny Lemental Shirt +7 Dyes Feoh (+15 INT / -3 WIT) Lv. 4 Legendary INT Dyes Yull Trickster (+15 STR) Lv. 5 Giant STR Aria's Bracelet STR / INT Exalted Quest in the final part Skype: airesjunior_sk8
  10. Hi, I'm looking for deals to sell the following (I will update the post daily, if there has been news) Adena (1b = 10€) ⁃ 30b (the last in stock) Armor ⁃ Full PvP Set Robe +8 SOLD ⁃ Full PvP Set Light +8 SOLD ⁃ Blessed HV R99 Set +8 SOLD Jewels ⁃ Blessed Valakas' Necklace SOLD ⁃ Earth Wyrm Heart Ring SOLD ⁃ Frintezza's Soul Necklace SOLD ⁃ Blessed Antharas' Earring SOLD ⁃ Tauti's Ring SOLD Others stuff ⁃ Talisman - Anakim SOLD ⁃ Talisman - Abundance Lv. 1 (High-grade) SOLD ISS 101 with POM SOLD I'm also interested in selling an account 103 (Dagger) / 102 (Yul), for more details pm here or add me to skype. SOLD The payment method that I accept is by paypal. Method: Money to friends or family. If you want to contact me, you can send a message in the forum, send an email or add me to skype. tecomocari@outlook.es
  11. Want to Sell my Feoh Soultaker on 4Game Core EU Retail Server! Main class 100 Lv Dark Elf Race Feoh Soultaker ALL skills +10 Eternal Robe Set Attributes +4+5 Shiny Shirt +7 (many stats +2 active skills) Tezza Nec +5 Istina NEclace Wizard +4 Zaken Earring Top Grade CoC Earring Stun +5 2 Eternal Rings R99 Top Grade Belt +3 PvP Skill Attack +4 Specter Retributer 300 element + SA Briliant Brooch Head Accessory P Def Augments for oly : refresh cd / reflect / heal / enemy pvp weakness dual class wynn 99 lvl same gear items Also in same account Tyrr Titan 99 Lv With the most usefull skills +10 / dual class ISS 98 Lv with Sonatas +10 Tyrr Doombringer Lv 99 with most usefull skills +10 / dual class 96 lvl
  12. WTB adena on Core. All details in Skype. Payment - paypal/skrill/wmz No scamers. skype:greedy.dwarf
  13. Account 1 1st Char : Kamael Tyrr Doombringer Lvl 85 sub started some items like birthday gift items XP Armor and Weapon Gear Event Cry coupon Lvl 4 x3 2nd Char : Human Tyrr Duelist Lvl 85 Items Xp 400 Steel Door Coins Armor and Weapon Gear Event Account 2 + 4€ 1st char Elven Iss SwordMuse Lvl 85 Gear Event Armor&Weapon Items Xp 26 Rune 100% XP Full Armor and Weapon for subs All Grade 2nd char Healer Shilien Saint Lvl 90 Weapon and Armor Gear Event Istina bracelet MEN +3 hair accessory CL clan lvl 5 Account 3 1st char Human Healer Cardinal lvl 99 Dual Iss 93 subs 80/45 La vie en rose brooch Diamond lvl 2 Kartia's Chronicle x4 Kartia ancient x8 a lot of talisman active and passive in wh +4 Blessed Retributer SA +300 Enchanted Istina Bracelet Annilation Talisman Yellow Xp and Vitality items in wh 158k fame points 14k PA points stuff in wh like many stones and scrolls Seraph accessory all +3 clean Immortal scrolls 2nd char Ertheria Sayha's Seer Lv 90 Weapon adn Armor gear Dual Yul Sentinel Lv 85 Items stuff like stones, scrolls weapon, XP, Vit, Armor Tauti Bracelet Passes for Daily 1400 Air stones coupon cry lv 4 x2 other stuff in wh 3rd char Tyrr Maestro Lv 87 Weapon and armor gear stuff in wh xp,vit pots Kartia Chronicles 4th Account Human Yul Lv 97 Event Weapon and armor gear La vie en rose brooch Passes for daily subs 76/60 Istina Bottle Istina cry Aria Bracelet DEX Octavis Cry Steel door coin x300 Freya and Zaken cloak Enchanted Arrow Add. Hit All accounts are in sell for Euros or adena, payement first, how my sign show i'm trusted. Pm here or skype with offer Acept trades but i prefer sell
  14. Hello everyone! We play on Skelth with friends and want to sell some adena. 100% legal and unbannable. We want to find regular clients. Stock ~ 10kk Cost: 3eur=1kk Skype: adenaskelth
  15. Hi Ive got a Dark Wizard lvl 33 for sale. Character has basic equipment, 3kk in adena and more than 500k worth of mats. Pm me with offers for account, adena or preferably both at once. EDIT: 3mc sub
  16. - paladin 101 lvl and 12% / dual iss 97 - race: dark elf - brooch 4 slot with lvl 3 OBS/DIA/PEARL - not enchanted skills (only pt ud +7 oO) - xp agathion 500min + some bottles(1k+) - Dye +15 CON - CON +3 bracelet - 2k+ RB points - Reflect Attack T-shirt +7 ( 8% pdef ) - without equip - On same acc tyrr meastro lvl 90 and SE 85 with pow PM me about any information or offers here or on skype: asdf_alias_dragon I'm accepting payment only via paypal ( 1st pay after acc ).
  17. Selling character for Adena or Euros Main character: Aeore cardinal lvl 100 Dye: CON +5 CON +4 WIT +5 Echnated skill: Panic heal +10 power Dark Blast +10 power Giant's favor +10 time Celestial Party Protection +1 Major Radian Purge +1 Major Brilliant Purge +1 Major Divine Prayer +10 shield Elemental Resistance +10 emp Mark of lumi +10 power Brooch 4 slots: Sapphire lvl 3 Diamond lvl 3 Pearl lvl 3 Aquamarine lvl 3 Obsidian lvl 2 Others: Agathion - Taurus stage 1 Active reflect in c weapon Talisman - Hellfire Aria's bracelet: STR Aria's bracelet: CON 25k Mentee's mark Exalted quest -> 1st part done -> in 2nd part is Beleth done PAYMENT ONLY VIA PAYPAL PM with offers or about next info here or skype: mrDragon159
  18. Need good vouchers or friend invite in Facebook. Can use Middleman Services. Skype: E8iGHTBALL Facebook: MIKE BARZAN
  19. Hello all , We have waiting alot for this but I hope it worth it , 4game.eu announced today that its official registration page for voting about L2 classic server for European players is online . If you are interested please find below links : Official forum announcement Registration page Good luck to all and have fun ! :happyforever:
  20. 1 - Tank 92.83 (Shilen Templar) Sold ! 2 - Wynn 93.33 (Elemental Master) noble , twlight etc - Aprox. price 20 Euro Only Paypal Contact here via pm or skype : djhorry
  21. So I'm selling ISS- level 86, 40% adena - 30kk. and FEOH lvl 86, 30% has sub summoner 60lvl + 35kk adena + vip for 20days. Price for both - 60Euros. For more information/screens/ and so on please contact me on skype: daumis269 or there in forum PM. Thank you. :)
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