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  2. WTS @ Core +8 PvP Light set +11 Blessed r99 thrower 2SA +9 PvP Dagger 2SA Blessed Antharas earring Earth Wyrm Hearth ring Talisman - Insanity Talisman - Seven Signs Ruby lv5 Obsidian lv5 Pm me here or Leave a comment Skype: xmacaron666
  3. I need @ NAIA: +++ PvP Light set +++ PvP Dual Daggers Obsidian/ Ruby/ Diamond 5 Lindviors Earring Blessed Antharas Tautis Ring Please pm me with your skype, or leave comment here:) SKYPE: xmacaron666 I will consider all offers. Have some cash to spend :D !
  4. WTS account (server: CORE) MainClass: Iss Hierophant lv. 101 16AP (~45%) /DualClass: Othell lv. 100 16AP (clean toon w/o gear) DYE ISS: 3x Lv3 Legendary CON (CHA) DYE Othell: none Skill enchant ISS: Mostly all +10 except - mass transform, DM, sonatas&buffs Skill enchant OTHELL: Shadow chase +10, all blows +10 SHIRT: +6 Pa'agrio shirt Bracelets: Aria's Bracelet CON/DEX/STR Talisman HELLFIRE Brooch Jewels: Obsidian/Pearl/Diamond/Ruby lv3 Offhand weapons with augment: Active Reflect Active Magic Refresh Active All skill Refresh Miscs on main toon: XP boosters (scrolls/potions)
  5. STOCK: 7,45b Price: 38€ / 1b payment via PAYPAL as GIFT skype me: xmacaron666 or just leave a Private Message ;)) Trusted SELLER Already sold account and items. Check my other topics. SOLD ! /Close topic