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Found 15 results

  1. WTS Cardinal +30 skills/3 subs/noobless vorpal robe set +6full att[pvp] 6 nukers on vesp weapon + 300 att(couple weapons with pvp) icarus hammer found + health SA belt pvp def +6 shirt +6 vorpal jwls +6 and b freya Skill refresh and couple other good auguments Adena pm here or add me in skype:manutdadena i accept only paypal
  2. Geared cardinal in l2lionna. Vorpal Set PvP +6 lvl7 attries. Vorpal Jew+6 B.Freya+6 Augmented vesper weapons with acu + atk skills Augmented weapons with actives full of talismans, many adena, festival adena etc. For more info pm me here
  3. Hello, I am selling character with or WITHOUT ITEMS. Feoh Soultaker 101-16AP- with Arcana Power / Aore Cardinal 101-16AP- with Prophecy Of Wind All the skills for PvP on mage and healer are +10 List of items: - Reflect Attack shirt +7 - Obsydian, Diamond, Sapphire lvl 4 - Pearl, Garnet lvl 3 - Healer +15 CON dyes - Mage +14 INT +3 CHA dyes - PvE retributer 2 SA + 7 with UNIQE AGU: CAST SPEED +8%+72 - that's why I have both SA to HP - Thx to this I have +13% HP more then without that agu! 125 k HP on healer - tauti ring -longing - soul aq - istina set jewels - b sepah +7 set robe - many wind scrolls - many PA points - activ agu reflect On the account there is also erteia character level 94 and other dark elf mage 85 Character is in perfect state to start playing and enjoying good PvP! On character atm over 6 k PvP points. PM me in case of any question! Looking for offers for char with or without weapon! Sold already a few accounts, you can check my previous posts and vouchers that I got. Find me on skype: Displeyer
  4. WTB Bishop/Cardi 73+ Character account Add skype mil3k252
  5. Selling character for Adena or Euros Main character: Aeore cardinal lvl 100 Dye: CON +5 CON +4 WIT +5 Echnated skill: Panic heal +10 power Dark Blast +10 power Giant's favor +10 time Celestial Party Protection +1 Major Radian Purge +1 Major Brilliant Purge +1 Major Divine Prayer +10 shield Elemental Resistance +10 emp Mark of lumi +10 power Brooch 4 slots: Sapphire lvl 3 Diamond lvl 3 Pearl lvl 3 Aquamarine lvl 3 Obsidian lvl 2 Others: Agathion - Taurus stage 1 Active reflect in c weapon Talisman - Hellfire Aria's bracelet: STR Aria's bracelet: CON 25k Mentee's mark Exalted quest -> 1st part done -> in 2nd part is Beleth done PAYMENT ONLY VIA PAYPAL PM with offers or about next info here or skype: mrDragon159
  6. WTS FULL CHARACTER +12 MAX TOP ITEMS MAX ENCHANT ON L2TALES (HEALER MAIN FULL ENCHANT SKILLS+ SUBS,SH,SUM FULL ENCHANT SKILLS) THE EXCHANGE WILL BE MADE IN INTERNET CAFE IN PEIREUS/ATHENS FACE TO FACE ONLY SERIUS OFFER FOR A SHORT TIME. OFFER ME HERE OR PRIVATE MSG. •Elegia Set Robe +12 LvL 7 •Sacredium +12 300 •Blessed Zaken +12 •Blessed Freya +12 •Beleth Ring +8 •Elegia Ring +12 •Elegia Earing +12 •Olf Shirt +10 •Top Grade Mitrhil Belt PvP Defence +12 •Tallisman All Stats +2 •Talisman Wit +2 •Talisman Int +2 •Talisman Con +2 AND MUTCH MORE!!!!! ΠΩΛΕΙΤΑΙ ΤΟΠ ΧΑΡΑΧΤΗΡΑΣ FULL ΝΤΥΜΕΝΟΣ ΣΤΟΝ L2TALES ΟΛΑ+12 (MAX ENCHANT)(HEALER MAIN FULL ENCHANT SKILLS+ SUBS,SH,SUM FULL ENCHANT SKILLS) TOP GRADE ITEMS . Η ΑΝΤΑΛΛΑΓΗ ΘΑ ΓΙΝΕΙ ΣΕ ΚΑΠΟΙΟ NET CAFE - FACE TO FACE ΣΕ ΠΕΙΡΑΙΑ-ΑΘΗΝΑ. MONO ΣΟΒΑΡΕΣ ΠΡΟΤΑΣΕΙΣ ΓΙΑ ΜΙΚΡΟ ΧΡΟΝΙΚΟ ΔΙΑΣΤΕΙΜΑ. OFFER ΕΔΩ Η PRIVATE MYNHMA •Elegia Set Robe +12 LvL 7 •Sacredium +12 300 •Blessed Zaken +12 •Blessed Freya +12 •Beleth Ring +8 •Elegia Ring +12 •Elegia Earing +12 •Olf Shirt +10 •Top Grade Mitrhil Belt PvP Defence +12 •Tallisman All Stats +2 •Talisman Wit +2 •Talisman Int +2 •Talisman Con +2 AND MUTCH MORE!!!!!
  7. WTS Aeore Cardinal nobless ..server Shilen lvl 91 with subclass lvl 75 Twilight Set +3 apocalypse caster + acumen +3 10k mentees mark 545.000.000 adena 30$ paypal pm me or post
  8. Hi, i have for sale cardinal lvl 85 nobless with cert : crit resist, celestial, ud EQ: Vorpal Robe Set +8+ 1800 PvP Dynasty Mace found +acumen + heal empower 5x dynasty mace +activ nuke atack with 300 atri blessed freya neclace, elegia jew set+6,6,7,8 pvp belt defence olf+6 skills +25-27 20b adena and 50fa for change nick:) price: 20€ contact skype: radis99 ;)
  9. Adena : (150bil/kkk and more) Mage(SPS): Olf shirts +10 , Enchanted skills +30, +6 Jewels Set Cardinal: Vorpal robe set PVP +6 LVL 7 Atrribute, Dynasty Mace +4 with Aug Con +1, Belt PVP Def +6, Vesper-Vorpal Jewels Set +6, Enchanted Skills +30, Olf shirt +6 and alot of FAME on char. Epics: Tezza, bFreya For more details and info's pm me here or add me on Skype Name : adena.bank Take a look on my previous Post's to check if im trysty :) (for example http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/179932-l2tales-x15sovereign-adena-items-charsepics/?do=findComment&comment=2374369) Payment Options : Paypal, Paysafe
  10. WTS Char on RPG club 3x Class: Cardinal Nobless: yes Equip: Vesper noble robe set, zaken cloak, vorpal jewels, guard earring, oly necklace Stigma +10, a lot of skills +10/+15 For more info feel free to PM me here or use my skype royal_member Price: 25 euro, set included
  11. I'm selling Cardinal 15-30 skills Vesper Robe Noble +6 set (Circlet +8 ) Vesper Robe Noble Fundation +6 lvl 7 attri Jewels: Freya necklace +6 Vorpal earring +8 Vorpal Ring +6 x2 Olympiad jewels Arcana sigil +8 Freya cloak Olf's T-shirt +5 Weapons: 1x vesper buster full attri with augment nuke (acumen) 2x vesper buster/caster lvl 4 attri with augment nukes (acumen) 1x vesper buster with augment wild magic active (no attri, no acumen) Character is ready for olympiad. (All necessary talismans with over 600 mana) SkypeID: punkyct
  12. What I am looking for: - level 99 healer: it can be eva's saint, shillien elder or cardinal, but with Dark Elf female skin - on Core server
  13. CHAR INFO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CARDINAL 82 lvl 1st sub 75 2nd sub 61 Nobless ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Character has A grade robe set + B grade weapon acument. ~40k tokens to buy sublime or any book you want ~50 badges ~10k fame ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PM ME WITH OFFERS Paypal only
  14. WTS Cardinal 85 lvl with all subclass skill, Skills are 15-30 all. Items on char: - PVP Elegia robe set + 8 lvl 7 att - PVP founda dynasty mace (augu reflect) - 3 weapons for olly lvl 7 att - (Atharas-sold, 2x Zaken, Blessed Freya - ToP S grade belt PVP Deffens +6 - S shirt HP +7 - Soul Cloak of Freya - 22kkk Adena in inventory - some vesper/ vorpal item in inventory/wh WTS eva templar 85 lvl with all subclass skill, 3rd Skills are 15and 2nd skills are 20-30lvl. Items on char: - PVP vorpal hvy set + 7 lvl 7 att - PVP periel sword +10/focus (aug. pasiv heal,lvl7 attl) -skull carnium bow +6 (aug. pasiv patk,lvl7 attl) - Zaken, AQ, tezza - olf's t-shirt +6 - Soul Cloak of zaken,tezza, 16 items for freya - 2kkk Adena in inventory - +7dyna ring, elegia earing, top grade magic pouch mithril belt, all q for wb/badge/tokeny and Anthy agathion
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