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  1. Adena : (150bil/kkk and more) Mage(SPS): Olf shirts +10 , Enchanted skills +30, +6 Jewels Set Cardinal: Vorpal robe set PVP +6 LVL 7 Atrribute, Dynasty Mace +4 with Aug Con +1, Belt PVP Def +6, Vesper-Vorpal Jewels Set +6, Enchanted Skills +30, Olf shirt +6 and alot of FAME on char. Epics: Tezza, bFreya For more details and info's pm me here or add me on Skype Name : adena.bank Take a look on my previous Post's to check if im trysty :) (for example http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/179932-l2tales-x15sovereign-adena-items-charsepics/?do=findComment&comment=2374369)
  2. Μεχρι εδω ολα καλα... πιος μπορει να μου πει πως θα κανω login στον δικο μου σερβερ ειτε απο το pc μου ειτε απο αλλο pc. Ευχαριστω!
  3. We sell Adena and power level on Averia x55 1kkk adena = 3 euro Power lvl 1-85 + 3 subs lvl 75 + Noblesse Quest = 20euro Delivery time of you char is 12-24 hours. We deliver your char with Dynasty set + Dynasty Jewels + S weapon + 50kkk Payment Options: PayPal , Skrill , Paysafe Card Contact us on: Skype : Adena.Bank
  4. Ty all for your comments! atm we are out of stock in adena.
  5. Trusted guy! no problem with our trade! +1
  6. We sell Adena on L2 Tales 1kkk 0,6 € Selling epics( Zaken,B.Freya,Tezza) and alot of Items(Weapons over enchanted, Armors over enchanted etc) Payment Option: Paysafe,Paypal Contact us for more details on skype : adena.bank