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  1. Adena/DP in L2Tales skype:manutdadena
  2. updated new items Valakas,Vesper Caster +7 300water and Vesper Nooble Robe Found set +6 1800att
  3. WTS Geared duelist with subs/noobless and enchanted skills(30) + gear or separated. Periel Duals +8 Vorpal jwls + Tezza necklace Top belt skill attack Black Hero Cloak Vesper Noble Heavy Set 3 parts +8 and 2 parts +6 -> 1800att pm for more info or add skype:manutdadena I work with paypal and trade with trusted people!
  4. Items: Necklace of Valakas Vesper Caster +7 300water Vesper Nooble robe set +6 1800 found Earring of Antharas - sold Ring of Baium - sold Earring of Zaken - sold 30k rur - sold Moirai L set 1800 - sold Vesp L set 1800 - sold Vorpal L set 1800 - sold Necklace of Frintezz - sold Characters: All Sold out. if someone is interested add me on skype:manutdadena I accept only paypal and work with reccomended people only!
  5. adena 80kkk in stock Full Char Mystic Muse 85 skills +25-30, 3 subs lvl 80. Nobless Vesper found set +6 lvl 7 full Vesper buster +6 300 ACumen Hero cloak Vorpal jewels. add me on skype:manutdadena I use only paypal!
  6. Topic edited + price updatsd! I am here to satisfy your needs!
  7. Cheap Adena! Vesper noble set +8 robe 120 Rasin Star +7 acumen 300 fire 260 DP 1300 FA / 200 left 65KKK BELT PVP DEF clock hero white/ Black Bless freya Valakas Necklace full duelist Duelist +30 skill's all active/passive Vesper found h set +6 lvl 7 Vesper duals +6 300 Found Full augments.. Hero Cloak White Top belt pvp skill attack Vorpal Earrings x2 +6 / Tezza Neck / Vorp Rings +4 x2 Nobles + all subs lvl 80 skype:manutdadena Only Paypal!
  8. Items: Vorpal Leather set +6 full attribute (Gift cloak) Vesper Thrower/Crossbow +8 300att Focus + Foundation Vesper Noble Robe Found set +6 Full att Vesper Nooble Heavy Found set +8 full att Vorpal Robe set +6(3 parts + 8 ) Full att Vesper Noble Heavy Found Set +6/7 full att Belt +8 skill attack Hero Cloak Periel Duals +6 300att Necklace of Valakas B freya +6 Zaken +6 Tezza +4 Vorpal jwls +4 Vesper Caster Acumen +4 Vesper Caster +5 Acumen 300att Vesper Caster +5 Acumen 300att Icarus Spirit +7 Acumen 300wind Dynasty Mace found + acumen Icarus Hammer +Health + found Hero Cloak Belt pvp deffence S-grade Shirt +6 Vorpal jwls - sold Vesper jwls - sold Necklace of frintezza - sold Earring of Zaken - sold Adena: 4kkk Items in yellow are sold! I dont play anymore and i dont farm these are all items left! 17kkk+ in stock 1b = 0,9e 285 Donation Punds - sold Characters: Moonlight Sentinel - 3 subs + Noobless + Oly ring and Enchanted skills(Bow +1str augument/pvp might active augument) - sold Trickster - 3 subs + noobless + oly ring and enchanted skills(Bow pvp might augument/pvp might active augument) Cardinal - 3 subs + noobless + oly earring and enchanted skills(armor pvp/dyna mace pvp + active auguments for oly nukes+buffs)-you can buy it packed with items Dominator - 3 subs + noobless + oly jwls + enchanted skills(PVP armor and prepared for pvp/oly)-you can buy it packed with items BD - 3 subs + noobless + enchanted skills(PVP armor and prepared for pvp/oly) - you can buy it packed with items Duelist - 3 subs + noobless + full enchanted skills + auguments(duelist now have on him periels+VNHF set +8 full att and vorpal jwls +tezza) - you can buy it in packed They have Fame and they have good auguments on them if you buy them with Gear! Accept only paypal! Topic will be edited daily so you can check for new things! add in skype : manutdadena
  9. WTS Cardinal +30 skills/3 subs/noobless vorpal robe set +6full att[pvp] 6 nukers on vesp weapon + 300 att(couple weapons with pvp) icarus hammer found + health SA belt pvp def +6 shirt +6 vorpal jwls +6 and b freya Skill refresh and couple other good auguments Adena pm here or add me in skype:manutdadena i accept only paypal
  10. Chars: OL 85/75/75/75 -> 3rd class skills +9/10 / 2nd class (Suspension/SIlence 22+)(noobless) - 15k+ fame + zaken soul cloak Archmage 85/75/75/75 -> 2nd/3rd class skills 10-15(noobless) - 15k+ fame + zaken soul cloak + cloak of fame +4 Cardinal 85/75/75/75 - > 2nd/3rd class skills 10-15(noobless - 15k+ fame + zaken soul cloak Crafter 82+ Items: Vorpal Robe set +3 900att(Gift sigil) Vesper Noble Robe set 1200att+ Vesper Noble Robe set 900att Vesper Caster +3 Acumen 300 fire Earring of Zaken +3 Freya Necklace +3 Adena: 200kk+ 1e-8kk 10e-81kk More Adena will be added soon! Soon new items + chars. Add me on skype or pm here! I work with paypal only and with trusted people! I will update daily topic and checking for messages! Legend: Green - avaliable items! Red - sold items!
  11. RPG x3[Party] adena: ~40kk I use only paypal! contacts: skype:manutdadena private message
  12. RPG x3[Party] adena: ~15kk I use only paypal! contacts: skype:manutdadena private message