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  1. Ppl that i have done trades/can reccomend me : miyukichannn, Odz, Epictrades, Lovehurts, Bulanel, russek,radu, dragos.carciu,skill3r,vampirenios, bottingsinceiborn, Psych_O, RaFaaa, zake, caaat,mardaniel,TrustMeImTheGoodOne,myhymn I trade adena in l2 since 2008 but mxc is the site i stick with the most.
  2. What I provide? An Account with a -Hawkeye 41 lvl all basic skills till 40 learned with D moon L set 153 clan coins(and lvl 4 clan supply everyday until i sell the account) 23 exp scroll(xp/sp+20%) 21 exp scroll (1kk exp each) 6 angel cat blessing (xp/sp +20%) Everyday I farm with this char so price can go up a bit depends on what lvl the char is..Exp scrolls from AI and clan coins will rise up everyday so the price too PRICE ATM : 36 EURO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SKYPE: AIVERNIKOS or contact me here I accept only paypal and ONLY 1ST MONEY THEN I GIVE ACCOUNT +EMAIL AND ALL INFO U WILL NEED. Reccomendations at my signature. ps:IF u want any 40lvl char i can start exping