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  1. Wts l2reborn summoner 54lvl (can go up to 56 for summon ) +email price is 30e pm me here
  2. bump, we can make discount on prices depends on what u buy changed prices
  3. As title says Wts -draco bow/arcana mace 15e -aq/zaken/baium 30e -draco set 15e -dc robe/mj robe/tallum hvy/mj light sets 5e -10 Donation coins 0.5e Send me msg here
  4. Kalhpa


    (gr) otan tou eixa suzhthsei na m deiksei photo se enan allon srv apo ta items p poulaei m lege oti prospa8w na ton banarw kai kati alles mlkies kai telika den ekana pote trade mazi tou...einai ligo periergos.
  5. tnx :) making better prices for every1 since 2011
  6. I joined the 1st day and I got dc in like 1min.dunno do u think ppl srv worth now?
  7. tnx bro always a pleasure doing business with u added new chars and items updated with epics aq zaken
  8. you can trust the guy,done trades with him and all went fine ( I went first)
  9. sold necro and spoiler, se still up sold se as well and 100kk some adena still up can lvl up a char up to a request
  10. sold necro and spoiler, se still up can lvl up a char up to a request
  11. WTS ADENA (sold over 6bil atm) pm for price It change everyday Items tt set +3 Draconic set +6666 Tallum Heavy set +3 Draco Bow Focus basalt hammer clean Chars sws79 bd 79 cat 79 nobl (with good subs) se 74 EPICS AQ ZAKEN for more details discord ser#1476 or send msg here farmed w/o bot pm for prices you can check ppl i have done trade the last years in my signature you send euro, i send adena if u dont trust me dont pm me (paypal only)