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  1. I can vouch for this guy , everything went smoth without problems.
  2. OK for everybody information : WIRE TRANSFER ONLY ( bank transfer ) i drop price for bank charges. The safest way for everybody. Scammers not welcome !!! Selling ONLY whole loot . Not selling parts or only helmet from set or only antharas . ONLY ALL ITEMS !!! BARGAIN PRICE 80e - wire transfer bank charges !!!! PM ME IF INTERESTED!!!
  3. As title says, Full epic set : Antharas Baium AQ Zaken Frintezza Freya, Vesper MW robe set most +4 , Moirai Heavy MW Set+3+4 all attributed. As a bonus i can give you passes and logins to 7 box accounts. Price for all is 80 euro VERIFIED PAYPAL ONLY !!. PM me if interested
  4. As title says , aden on RPG x15 , pm me with offers.
  5. Yes,Sunrize is scammer,he wanted to buy epics from me for radiciolous prize,but when i said ok we can make a deal,but only wired transfer or western union sharing personal infos before transaction,he said that he dont want like that,he wont share infos. Can you imagine 300 euros for epics on priv server? Johny can you put his skype and other infos about him over here? PS. Widze ze polak,jak chcesz pwr lvl to napisz do mnie,pewnie grasz na servie Core wiec mozemy się dogadac,zagadam ze znajomymi o pwr lvl.
  6. Wts : antharas- 120 euro, baium- 60 euro zaken- 30 euro aq- 40 euro frintezza- 25 euro 2.5e -1kkk -- if you buy over 15kkk 2.2e-1kkk Around 25kkk adena in stock- selling items si might me more. Payment via direct bank transfer,Western Union or any other available in EU. I dont accept paypal anymore, we make a deal via any safe for both sides ways.If you want to buy all we can make a deal for less :)
  7. I can explain you how to do it on pm. And btw you dont need l2x to do it :)
  8. Pm me with your price, what subs what lvls ,with or w/o email? Need more info.
  9. As title says spoiler 76+ with or w/o subs with noobles, or any char with sub class spoil any lvl .Pm me with offers
  10. enchant skill bug is bannable offence on rpg, its l2phx exploit.