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  1. hi all and ty for replies, well i'm not a developer just an old l2 player with good intentions, i wanted to set up some decent server but as nightwolf let me understand the problem is the risk of getting scammed, and actually i'm too much occupied with real life work so tecnically i'm braindead for reading "how to set up a priv server for dummies". i'd need the help of a trustworthy person very competent about...seems the real problem is this. i'll think about it.
  2. hi all, i just wanted to make a simple totally noob question: how much would it cost to open and maintain a small priv server? i mean i've been a player for a while,got no time with work and everything to join again official server, all private servers i've seen are there just for the money,open and close in a second, while i'd like to make a small priv server just for the players,no donations no subscription no nothing, any experienced admin willing to give me a precise idea or pointing me in the right direction? thank you very much.
  3. i voted interlude and god, both quite balanced,both without kamael race imbalance. i would like to see h5 servber without kamael, it would be nice.
  4. as title say, wtb othell rogue WR 101+ dual 101+, possibly with shirt+10 and jewels at least+4. if other equip present,let's talk about it. account must not have already written personal information(the ones you cannot change). about payment, first i get account then i pay by paypal gift. about my reliability well, check one of my previous wts topic: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/183383-wts-on-core-all-sold-out/
  5. as title says, which is the best private stable server out there? server must be: 1)mid-low rate 2)less custom possible(no substack,custom skills etc) 3)good population(at least 500 people) 4)no kamael and later chronicle is a plus. 5)at least 1 year life old already. 6)no unbalanced donations(skill+30,epics,sa crys,etc etc) please express your opinion and let me know what good is left out there.
  6. HI AND TY! sold much stuff to edgar +++buyer :)
  7. i'm interested in longing tali, pm price please.
  8. NO! my skype is only "yevonxxx", don't let them scam you! just to clean this once for all: MY PAYPAL MAIL TO WHICH YOU CAN PAY IS ONLY yevonxxx@gmail.com IF IS NOT THAT,FOR SURE THEY ARE SCAMMING YOU.
  9. hi, what type exactly your virgo agation is? cause there are different type of virgo: http://l2wiki.com/index.php?search=virgo&title=Special%3ASearch&go=Go tell me what it is,i could be interested. thank you. regards.
  10. hi all, i'm just looking for a tool to spam cp/hp/qhp/elixir/etc pots on innova official l2.eu server, i just need it for pots i play by hands.. ty all for help.