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  1. Have a point, I grew up playing this game hard to give up on it even tho I haven't been playing it for years
  2. no shit, the hidden question is how would you do it, where would you start
  3. Hello, Do you guys think it is possible to implement voice server into lineage 2 as in voice chat with others ingame
  4. Merry Christmass everybody! It's been a while since I was online and I am back with a question! As you may all see, I've created 2 polls. I am very interested in your opinions and ask you to vote! What do I mean by asking "what would be the most popular client?" Well what do you think is the most popular client. I personally dont know Im an old schooler last one I played was the Interlude client. My favorite client would obviously be the Interlude client but I need your expertise ! Have fun voting! Feel free to reply with what version you like better and/or why! Stay safe, friendly and Merry Christmas Wish you all best of luck @sweets
  5. I got it!! I think (going to test it right now) You are brilliant. **Edit: It is working, thank you so much!!! //Requesting to lock.
  6. Haven't modified anything till found that problem. Using L2jaCis. Been implementing stuff from Frozen and Hellas together, tho nothing connected to subclasses. after the problem was found I have modified the whole VillageMaster from 0, start off with Frozen, Hellas, Javafree and so on. Still nothing effects the subclass change action (Remember nothing just happens while trying to change class - NO errors)
  7. Hello. Been trying to figure out why switching to existing subclass won't work. *Adding a subclass works. *Cancelling subclass works *Changing to mainclass doesn't work.. *Changing to existing subclass doesnt work. What is happening? My log doesnt show anything on the first try, then if you try fast enough the flood protector will jump in... Took the flood protectors off (literally deleted them from the core) and nothing happens. Changing subclasses will not work, no action will be added no errors are shown. Any ideas? I know MxC has some of the most brilliant minds.
  8. Does it matter realy? been a year since, and now you might not be able to find it.. so I think we can agree that it's ok to have it on here now.
  9. I just bought this thing last night. Works like a charm ahaha.. I even had someone attack me in purpose to see if it works. +1! PS: lawl I got 6 Adena!! YEYA HOOHA
  10. quit bumping it, it was already shared. 4freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eto tibe ne pamojit .....
  11. this all screen shots are not working ig at all this pack is crap... olympiad is full of bugs no balance at all you better use a basic l2jteon pack then this crappy pack
  12. ahahaha nice,,, how are you man long time no see:) Good share I've also seen your previews one !!!! awsome keep going...