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  1. It really is already done that because you are not looking a little more like the interface of ona that already has included everything that you are looking for
  2. TTs +6 ,Mj light +6 ,Tl robe +6 ,Soul separator Critico damaga, am +7 and 8k gold
  3. jewels tt + 6 tts + 3 orfen +3 tl r +3 dc +3 Tl heavy +3 Karmian Set +6 Various Homu +7 Several Majestic Jewels Various Set Various Duals S +4 Am with acumen and 10k gold and many more items.....
  4. if you can place interface you have to pay more attention no more
  5. Tell me what the file is called and I upload it so you can have greetings
  6. Hola celestina, ¿por qué recibo este archivo y tengo la interfaz limpia?