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  1. Hmmm... In fact, you are the real beginner here. It is great that you have the initiative to "code" something (because lets be honest to ourselves, just by the information posted about the event configurations, it seems like an old L2J version of it), but you should share this stuff and not try to sell (something that somebodyelse codded or maybe not) it for just a few bucks. As Anarchy said: and I totally agree, dude. I am not trying to demoralize you or trash the time you spent modifying the code, I am just trying to be real. STOP SELLING and STA
  2. You can't do that. At least to my knowledge. What you can do is to execute a command through CTRL + Click on an item that's in your inventory.
  3. Does anyone wants to share the custom prefixes for giving the HTML client window a certain width and height? Thanks!
  4. It does, and its also a clean solution to your problem. I am glad that you could have been able to solve it!
  5. set_compiler_opt base_event_type(@NTYPE_NPC_EVENT) class transform_teacher : citizen { parameter: int quest_num = -1; int flag_subjob_start = 10255; int flag_subjob_end = 10266; int fee_delete_subjob = 10000000; int skill_acquire = 4; int multisell = -1; int skill_acquire2 = 5; int skill_book_id1 = 0; int skill_book_id15 = 0; int skill_book_id16 = 10612; string fnHi3 = "master_transformation008.htm"; string fnHi4 = "master_transformation008.htm"; string fnHi5 = "master_transformation007.htm"; string fnHi6 = "master_transformation009no.htm"; string fnHi7 = "master_transformation
  6. Original work and free share. Not common to see nowdays.
  7. Hello! I would like to know where is this texture located, since I cannot find it. Thank you for your help!
  8. Hello! I would like to pay somebody to edit my clean Interlude interface and add some things from upper chronicles like: - Classic minimap; - Classic damage on screen (dmg, crits, exp gain, etc.); - And other functionalities. Drop me a PM if you are one to trust and to rely on your job. Thank you!
  9. UPDATE: I dont know the guy, but his work is amazing. I havent seen anything original and fresh like this in 5 years MINIMUM. It is great to see people still investing time in Lineage II to obtain these amazing pieces of work. I would love to work with people like him and I am somehow exited and looking forward to see more about this. Keep it going! I totally recommend buying this if you're a server owner or just a player. It will boost your game experience or your server quality. Respect.